Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stream 7 Tablet!

Got the HP Stream 7 and the T800 keyboard and cover this week. There are a couple of things to know when unboxing. Go slow! I purchased two from Microsoft; the Signature edition. No crapware version.

I setup two in a row and missed something important on the first one. While answering the setup questions I did something or clicked to fast before setting up the wireless. Kind of a pain to figure it out AFTER the fact.

Another thing. When pairing the T800 keyboard to the Stream, make sure it is charged for at least a few minutes first before trying.

Also the pairing button on the keyboard is Fn + the key just to the left of the delete key. Yeah my eyes are old!

Anywho, enter that number from the keyboard and pairing is fairly fast.

Good luck with your HP Stream tablet!