Friday, August 01, 2014

GawMiners FURY Reviewed!

I finally have a couple of weeks experience with my new Gaw Miners FURY devices!

Firstly lets check out the marketing specs from their web page. And dammit! Its now $10 less than when I bought a couple a few weeks ago in July! I think I need two more now... Maybe GawMiners will LOVE my review with some hardware donations!

The GAW Miners "Fury" is the world's most efficient Scrypt ASIC miner.
Turbocharge your Litecoin mining with more power efficiency and faster mining speed.

•Pocket sized (if you have giant pockets)
•Quiet operation (about the same level as a gaming PC while playing a full screen FPS)
•Hash Rate: 1.3MH+ (true enough. I am getting 1.444MH average over the past few days)
•Case Material: Aluminum

•Chip: 55nm GAW Miners dedicated ASIC Scrypt (QFN Design)
•Power Consumption: 45W (can't say for certain but yeah. Runs warm so I have the air blowing thru the device right at the brick. It helps!) 

1 x GAW Miners Fury
1 x USB DATA cable
1 x Power Supply Unit

Pretty sharp looking eh? I am IMPRESSED.

It seems to be one big aluminum heat-sink with the board and chips fastened underneath with a space below for clearance. The  bottom has bare bolts for legs that I covered with simple black rubber plumbing 'washers' and fastened with super glue. That seems to help with vibration dampening

I have to say the fit and finish is nice. The performance on my two exceed the 1.3mh spec when 'overclocked' to 328mhz from the stock 300mhz. (learned somewhere online this was a 'sweet spot' for this chip)

It took me about 90 minutes to get both running on the same machine. I searched the interwebs and found a video from a posting on litecointalk. He created an app that would help you configure the settings for your miner! Read the post and view his youtube video. Twice. Pause it where needed! You may 'get it' faster than me..

I downloaded the app from his dropbox but Chrome kept complaining about it so downloaded using IE instead.

Anyhow, after it downloaded I scanned it thoroughly and told MalwareBytes to allow it. Unzipped it and VIOLA a nice looking and functional APP!

Just choose from the options to match. I had the Furys so thats what I chose. Step 4 has that clock speed that I used to overclock to 328. Seems fine for my Furys.

The tricky part was getting the drivers to take using the CP210xVCPInstaller. My suggestion is to connect one, install the CP210xVCP drivers, restart pc. Run Zadig to install the Windows USB driver and then run the ASIC Config Start tool. You should then see COM Ports to choose, then ADD. Just watch the command line and make sure that your COM gets added.

I have yet to figure out how to AUTO SCAN for devices. If you figure it out or you are Dryburn, leave me a comment with the solution and I will add!

I typically restart the computer every few days and run this config tool. I especially like that it 'saves' my pool adds and management strategies from session to session. A little experimentation will go a long way!

I proclaim 2 thumbs up for the FURY from GawMiners! I am happy with the hardware.

Enjoy this write up? Here is a treat if you want to buy some yourself - 20% off any $200 purchase!

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