Saturday, October 05, 2013

Installing Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 3 - TFS 2012.3

Installing Team Foundation Server

I looked all over for real world posts for doing a very simple upgrade. TFS 2012.1 to TFS 2012.3. I found one post I think. And it was for an error.

Let this post be good news then. I have a beefy TFS 2012.1 server created from Scratch right around January of 2013. Today on October 5th I "UPGRADED" to TFS 2012.3. The good news is that it went flawlessly.

TIP: if you are like me, then you don't have physical access to your server and likely don't have a DVD either. I downloaded the iso file and used 7-Zip (I think) to extract it to a folder. I then moved that folder to my server's hard drive.

I guess at this point I should state that I had my Server Admin create a snapshot of my server prior to any work done on it.

I use SharePoint and Reporting on this server as well, with one external SQL server.

After navigating to the new folder with the TFS 2012.3 files I right mouse click "Run as Administrator" on the TFS_Server.exe file.

Everything was pretty normal and default after that. I did (with help from my DBA) backup my databases to a location on the SQL Server. This went very fast. I only have about 25 Team Projects and about 15 companion SharePoint sites.

Updates to my SharePoint were fine, reporting was fine, configuration was fine. Though its one of those status bars that hardly moves for about 10-15 minutes and then goes very quickly after the mid point.

Anywho, the process went very smooth and the whole process was completed within about 90 minutes. It would have been shorter had I not futzed around overthinking each click.

If this helps at all leave a comment!

TFS 2012 Upgrade 3
TFS 2012 Update 3

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