Saturday, June 08, 2013

Internet Companies you can trust..

"Everything you do on the Internet is Available to Certain People

This is the first thing people need to realize.

The Internet is like a giant record of everything you do, think of doing, want to do, or actually do.

Nothing you do or search or write about or participate in is actually private.

A lot of what you do on the Internet is Available to Anyone who Looks

It gets worse. Pretty much 70% of what you do and what you add to the Internet is available to anyone who searches for it (or for you).

People get rejected from jobs for stupid things they write every day. As we build larger and larger online ‘profiles’ with our actions, we create bigger and bigger ‘files’ of ourselves. These are available to anyone who’s interested.

How do you think Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter are going to make REAL money in the future? By selling these ‘online behavior profiles’.

Where can you find privacy?

Well, here’s where you can’t expect to find privacy;

Internet Websites. Just doesn’t exist. Internet in General. Nah.

Phone Calls. No. If Verizon is handing over all call data there’s a very high chance other carriers are too.

Apps. No. With Apps you have multiple vectors of data being accessed – The App Maker, the App Store, The Device, The ISP.

Email. Worst of All. Here again you can have ISPs or the Email Provider take your data.

Basically, the Internet is the EXACT opposite of what you think it is. It’s 100% anti-privacy.

It’s 100% ‘an infinite record of everything you ever did or wrote or searched for’."

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