Sunday, October 30, 2011

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30th October, 1938

Radio dramatist Orson Welles caused mass hysteria and frightened tens of thousands of listeners causing people to flee from their homes and praying for salvation when the play War of the Worlds was aired on Radio, The dramatization was so good people mistook the play for newscasts which caused the panic.

Orson Welles' War of the Worlds - Part 1 of 6 - YouTube

Daylight saving time ends on November 6th, 2011 (fall back)

Daylight Saving Time officially ends at 2 a.m. on November 6, 2011 when clocks are turned back one hour.

Although not used by most of the world's people, daylight saving time is common in the Northern Hemisphere.

DST observed - Blue
DST no longer observed - Orange
DST never observed - Red

Sir Jimmy Savile - born October 31 1926, died October 29 2011 - Telegraph

Sir Jimmy Savile, born October 31 1926, died October 29 2011

For almost 30 years, as the presenter of Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, Savile was an ubiquitous and distinctive face on television — an improbable figure with a helmet of platinum hair, dressed in a lurid track suit and bedecked in ostentatious jewelery. As he waggled an outsize cigar, he would utter a series of catch-phrases ("Howzabout that then", "Now then, now then...") which were usually punctuated by a bizarre yodel, and were a gift to even the most limited of television and nightclub impressionists.

Sir Jimmy Savile - Telegraph

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cold fusion rears its head as 'E-Cat' research promises to change the world (Wired UK)

Is Andrea Rossi the messiah -- or just a very naughty boy?

Cold fusion rears its head as 'E-Cat' research promises to change the world (Wired UK)

Success for Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion system, but mysteries remain (Wired UK)

The Story So Far

From a scientific perspective, this is all extremely sketchy. What the E-Cat purports to do is turn a little bit of input energy, plus hydrogen, into a huge amount of output energy (heat) using a nickel catalyst with only copper as a byproduct: somehow, hydrogen combines with nickel to create copper while giving off heat. So technically, it's not cold fusion, but a low energy nuclear reaction.

Some calculations of one test run showed an output of 30 kilowatt-hours after an initial input of only nine kilowatt-hours, and the final generator should produce energy at a rate of six to one. This isn't "free" energy — hydrogen is being used up. But only a tiny amount of hydrogen is used, relative to the amount of energy being produced, and there are no carbon or radioactive outputs at all.

At least, this is what we've all been told is going on. But nobody knows for sure, and this weekend will be the first independent verification of the power input and output of a one megawatt reactor based on E-Cat technology.

Success for Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion system, but mysteries remain (Wired UK)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Crossbow Snow Launcher | Uncrate

Afraid of tearing your delicate rotator cuff in an overly heated snowball fight? The Crossbow Snow Launcher ($40) can save you from career-ending surgery. Simply load a snowball into the front, pull back the lever, and fire your icy projectile up to 60 feet. Snowball press included for the truly lazy.

Crossbow Snow Launcher | Uncrate

Bangkok facing 'perfect storm' -

(CNN) -- Thailand is facing its worst flooding since 1942, with 373 people dead, more than nine million affected and 28 -- or more than a third -- of the nation's provinces at least partially flooded after a series of strong seasonal storms that brought exceptional rainfall.
More than a billion cubic meters of runoff are expected to pass through some of the northern parts of Bangkok on its way toward the Gulf of Thailand, some 30 kilometers (20 miles) away, as high tides are set to peak on Saturday.

Bangkok facing 'perfect storm' -

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fringe Glyph Cipher

Solution to the Fringe Glyph Cipher

Brett Hull trolling Sabres fans on Twitter is the best thing ever - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports


On Sunday, Hull switched his avatar to the image above and wrote, "New pic for all my friends in buffalo xoxo." Which is the greatest thing in the history of all-time, ever.
As a refresher for the youngin's in the crowd: In triple overtime of Game 6 of the 1999 Stanley Cup Final, Brett Hull of the Dallas Stars shot the puck on Domink Hasek of the Buffalo Sabres, who made the save. The rebound went outside the crease to Hull's skate, and he kicked it to his stick. His left skate entered the crease, he shot again and he scored to win the Cup for Dallas in Buffalo.
Except … at that time, the NHL had a completely asinine rule on the books in which a goal was disallowed if any part of an offensive player's skate was in the crease before the puck. Other goals in the regular season that resembled Hull's were disallowed; his was allowed to stand, and the Sabres lost in the Final.
The rationale: That the NHL had declared earlier that season, in a memo to teams, that if a player was in control of the puck, his skate could be in the crease. Despite the save and rebound, they considered it one big possession.

Brett Hull trolling Sabres fans on Twitter is the best thing ever - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

What is the E-Cat?

E-Cat is short for the term “energy catalyzer” and is an invention of Italian engineer Andrea Rossi. The E-Cat is a device in which hydrogen gas, powdered nickel metal, and an undisclosed catalyst are combined to produce a large amount of heat through a little understood low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) process inside a specially designed chamber. The inner workings of the reactor are covered by a trade secret which Rossi consistently refuses to discuss.

In this process, when an external heat source is applied (Electric or fossil) it is claimed that the nucleus of a hydrogen atom, a proton, penetrates a nickel nucleus and in doing so a nickel atom becomes a copper atom, and releases gamma rays creating a large amount of thermal energy. From reports of tests, it appears that the reaction begins when the reactor is heated to around 60 degrees Celsius, and once the reaction is stable, the external heat can be turned off and the reaction can continue for a considerable length of time. In an October 6th test in Bologna, Italy, the E-Cat ran without external heat (referred to as ‘self-sustain mode) for almost four hours, maintaining a constant temperature and boiling water continuously.

What is the E-Cat? | E-Cat World

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ohio police hunt dangerous animals after breakout from preserve

Lutz said his office had started to get phone calls at about 5.30pm that wild animals were loose on a road that runs under Interstate 70.
He said four deputies with assault rifles in a truck went to the farm, where they found the owner, Terry Thompson, dead and all the animal cage doors open.

He would not say how Thompson died but said several aggressive animals were near his body when deputies arrived and had to be shot.
Thompson, who lived on the property, had orangutans and chimps in his home, but they were still in their cages, Lutz said.
The deputies, who saw many other animals standing outside their cages and others that had escaped past the fencing surrounding the property, began shooting them on sight. They said there had been no reports of injuries among the public.

Ohio police hunt dangerous animals after breakout from preserve World news The Guardian

Monday, October 17, 2011

Which McDonalds Monopoly pieces are valuable in 2011 contest?

2011 McDonalds Monopoly Game
Which are the valuable ones?
Mediterranean Avenue ($50 prize, 10,000 prizes) – 1 in approx. 61,811
Vermont Avenue ($100 prize, 3000 prizes)- 1 in approx. 206,036
Virginia Avenue ($200 SpaWish® Gift Certificate, 250 prizes) – 1 in approx. 2,472,425
Tennessee Avenue (Beaches Resort Vacation, 300 prizes)- 1 in approx. 2,060,354
Kentucky Avenue ($50,000, 8 prizes) – 1 in approx. 77,263,275
Short Line Railroad (EA Sports Fan Trip, 8 prizes) – 1 in approx. 77,263,275
Ventnor Avenue ($100,000, 6 prizes) – 1 in approx. 103,017,700
Pennsylvania Avenue (SL MY 12 Nissan Leaf, 2 prizes) – 1 in approx. 309,053,100
Boardwalk ($1,000,000, 1 prize) – 1 in approx. 618,106,200

Sunday, October 02, 2011

For Dummies Only

You know that pet peeve you always have with (fill in the blank)_________________________

Try a new cover instead!

Free Dummies Book cover generator. Go ahead. You know you want to.

Some ideas I've had.

1. Scaring crows with laser pointers!
2. How to call your Service Desk!
3. Starting a new pot of coffee when you drain the pot!
4. When not to wear flip-flops.

You get the idea.