Thursday, August 04, 2011

Local investors say they're worried over stock market dip

People around town say they're nervous about the stock market's affect on their funds,but financial managers say you shouldn't panic or make any drastic moves with your finances.

Ok..... So over the past 25 years or so I've done what the financial experts have said to do. Keep on course, keep investing, stay invested. WELL THIS SUCKS!

10-12 years ago I grew $36,000 401k roll-over to over $120,000. I used $10,000 of it to use as a down payment on my home. My money continued to grow over the next 8 or so years, then here comes 2009.. Guess what? My 'RETIREMENT' funds that were so beautifully graphed and forecasted forward in the '90s have lost more than 60% of their value. So since 2009, its been sputtering upwards, slowly, but then comes today. WTF? Who's in charge? Have we gone too far with FREE MARKET CAPITALISM? Not far enough? Something doesn't smell right. The two party bickering, the not so veiled racism, I'm sick of it. Let's vote all the fuckers out and start new. But with what? The system only allows nurtured, cultivated wealthy citizens, many with twisted skeletons in their family closets. What to do... What to do?

Local investors say they're worried over stock market dip

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