Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creative Learning/Thinking

Creativity and innovation are great, but only of you execute and push your ideas to completion! Here are some tips on this very topic from Behance:

There are too many ideas in the world, and not enough action. If we consider every idea as part of a project - and then consider all we must do to manage our various projects, we realize the many challenges standing in the way of productivity. The Behance team believes that organization and productivity ultimately determine whether a brilliant idea ever actually happens. They have interviewed hundreds of the most productive individuals and teams in the world, and have discovered best practices across industries for managing everyday creative projects.

Our years of research have caused us to question the status quo of making ideas happen:

•What if compulsive filing yields little benefit?

•What if priority matters more than context?

•What if the success of every project (and life) ultimately comes down to organizing actions you must take?

•What if the design of the method we use for productivity influences our psychology for getting stuff done?
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