Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Public RADIO reporter assaulted in LA.

Courthouse News Service: "LOS ANGELES (CN) - A public radio reporter took the witness chair in the ongoing trial over a violent police break-up of media coverage during an immigration rally, testifying that a Los Angeles policeman first hit her in the back with his baton. When she turned and asked him why, he said, 'Shut up,' and wacked her just above the knee with such force that she spun 360 degrees and fell to the ground, with her cellphone flying over her head. She crawled 15 feet to escape.

A videotape of former LAPD Chief William Bratton was also played for the jury, with Bratton testifying that the police action on May Day three years ago, where police officers charged through reporters and demonstrators while swinging batons, was the most embarrassing moment of his 37-year career as a policeman.

In her live testimony, Patricia Nazario, a reporter with Pasadena-based public radio station KPCC, described a May Day demonstration over immigration policy as an urban war zone."

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