Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Public RADIO reporter assaulted in LA.

Courthouse News Service: "LOS ANGELES (CN) - A public radio reporter took the witness chair in the ongoing trial over a violent police break-up of media coverage during an immigration rally, testifying that a Los Angeles policeman first hit her in the back with his baton. When she turned and asked him why, he said, 'Shut up,' and wacked her just above the knee with such force that she spun 360 degrees and fell to the ground, with her cellphone flying over her head. She crawled 15 feet to escape.

A videotape of former LAPD Chief William Bratton was also played for the jury, with Bratton testifying that the police action on May Day three years ago, where police officers charged through reporters and demonstrators while swinging batons, was the most embarrassing moment of his 37-year career as a policeman.

In her live testimony, Patricia Nazario, a reporter with Pasadena-based public radio station KPCC, described a May Day demonstration over immigration policy as an urban war zone."

Flying car production rolls forward -

Flying car production rolls forward - "(CNN) -- A highway-worthy airplane moves one step closer to production with a recent weight exemption approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.
The Transition Roadable Aircraft, developed by Massachusetts-based engineering firm Terrafugia, will be allowed a maximum takeoff weight of 1,430 pounds, the same allowance made for aircraft designed to operate on water."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software

Frustrated by your sluggish and unresponsive PC?
Soluto is bringing an end to PC user frustration with transparency, killer technology, and your help

I have used on a Windows 7 laptop and it works!

Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software

Win the Best Windows 7 Book & Get 40-50% Discount on O'Reilly Books | Windows 7 Tutorials

On July 6th 2010, we will let our computers randomly pick the winners from all our existing e-mail newsletter subscribers and announce the six happy winners. The winners will be contacted via the e-mail address they used to subscribe in order to clarify the procedure of getting the prizes.

Win the Best Windows 7 Book & Get 40-50% Discount on O'Reilly Books Windows 7 Tutorials

Porn sites get their own domain: '.xxx'

Porn sites get their own domain: '.xxx' -

The domain, which would need further approval before going live on the internet, would be applied to adult entertainment sites just as '.com' is now.
The .xxx internet suffix, which was first proposed six years ago by ICM Registry, a group that sells domain names, 'will provide a place online for adult entertainment providers and their service providers who want to be part of our voluntary self regulatory community.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Former Chinese Nuclear Site Now a Tourist Attraction | Secrecy News

Former Chinese Nuclear Site Now a Tourist Attraction | Secrecy News: "“Underground facilities are being used to conceal and protect critical activities that pose a threat to the United States,” according to a 1999 report from the JASON defense advisory panel. “The proliferation of such facilities is a legacy from the [first] Gulf War: a lesson from this war was that almost any above-ground facility is vulnerable to attack and destruction by precision guided weapons.� To counter this vulnerability, many countries have moved their assets underground.”"

Monday, June 21, 2010

All you wanted to know about XPS files

XPS files or XML Paper Specification files, are Microsoft's direct competitor to Adobe's PDF format. XPS Viewer is the tool used to view XPS files, similar to Adobe Reader. While XPS might not be as popular as PDF, it is used by certain people. For those of you who use it, I've decided to show what are the main qualities of the XPS format, how to create one and how to work with the XPS Viewer, which is available in all versions of Windows 7.

XPS files

Friday, June 18, 2010

IT Hell: How the Recession Has Affected IT Jobs --


IT Hell: How the Recession Has Affected IT Jobs
Readers share their tales of woe, survival and redemption from the great recession.

By Doug Barney•06/01/2010

John Doe had what he thought was a terrific job -- director of IT services at a Canadian college -- but then a new college president came in, changed the school's mandate and forced the IT department to cut spending from $8 million to a crippling $6 million a year. It was a 25 percent cut in one whack. At the same time, the IT staff was reorganized and services were cut.

Doe moved on and became manager of IT operations for a small 6-year-old company that dealt with hospitals. The IT operations were "extremely efficient," according to Doe, but not efficient enough for senior management, which hired an outsider as CIO, bypassing Doe's then boss, the IT director. Then things went south.

IT Hell: How the Recession Has Affected IT Jobs --

Coming solar storms could wreck technology worldwide | DVICE

Coming solar storms could wreck technology worldwide DVICE:

"Uh oh. 'The Sun is waking up from a deep slumber,' NASA 's Richard Fisher says. It looks like old Sol is going to be in a cranky mood when it becomes fully awake, ready to wreak havoc on gadgets across the globe. Could this be the 2012 disaster superstitious fraidy-cats are babbling about?"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Delete Folder Contents While Maintaining Folder Tree Structure in Windows

Tips of How to Delete Folder Contents While Maintaining Folder Tree Structure in Windows XP PC » My Digital Life: "Have you came across a scenario whereby you want to delete all files in main and sub folders while maintaining folder tree structure?"

Simple Regedit hack!

cmd /c “echo BE CAREFUL – X out of the window if you don’t want to delete directory contents && pause && echo LAST WARNING – all files and subdirectories will be deleted && pause && cd /d %1 && del /s /f /q *.* && for /f “usebackq delims=” %%d in (`”dir /ad/b/s | sort /R”`) do rd “%%d”"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Free Utility that Creates Bootable USB Drives

Bootable Linux Live CDs such as those offered by Ubuntu and Mint are a great way to try Linux without interfering with your Windows installation. They are also a handy tool to have on hand as they give you access to your Windows data without the need for Windows. This can be invaluable should your Windows system become unbootable or infected by difficult-to-remove malware.

A Free Utility that Creates Bootable USB Drives

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Best Summaries of World Politics

Best Summaries of World Politics

In all of the extensive research for, a few superb summaries have stood out for the breadth and depth of information covered. The engaging summaries below are quite different from each other, yet they are each highly informative in revealing differing angles and aspects of what is going on behind the scenes on the stage of world politics. We must caution, however, that much of the information below does not measure up to the standards of reliability and verifiability normally adhered to on our website. Please consider these summaries as powerful food for thought and discard whatever portions do not work for you.

Best Summaries of World Politics

Friday, June 04, 2010

Bing Cashback program is ending.

So much for Bing Cashback..

"Dear valued cashback customer: We are writing to notify you that the Bing cashback program will be discontinued, and the last day to earn cash back on your Bing Shopping purchases will be July 30, 2010."

8 Places to Get Free Stock Photos for Your Website

It really doesn’t matter what your website or blog is about, nothing makes it look nicer than really good, professional quality photographs. Unfortunately, professional level photographs can sometimes be downright expensive. Luckily, like most everything else, beautiful looking stock photos can be found for free on the internet. You just need to know where to look. So, that being said, let’s take a look at 8 places to get free stock photos for your website.

8 Places to Get Free Stock Photos for Your Website

Thursday, June 03, 2010

What to do with your computer when a storm approaches

What to do if a storm is approaching your area:

  • When storms are in your area it is important to disconnect from the internet and turn your computer off. To completely protect your computer, it is advised to completely unplug your computers power cables from the wall outlet.
  • Also it is advisable to unplug the telephone line from the wall jack as well if you computer connects to the internet via your telephone line. Most users forget this step and their modem is damaged by a lightning strike.
  • Once your computer is completely unplugged it should be relatively safe from potential power surges across the power lines and telephone lines in your home.
  • After the storm has passed you can then plug your computer's power and telephone line again and use your computer as normal.