Saturday, December 27, 2008

Clock Radio - A wish list

Why can't I find a good clock radio with features that everyone needs? I swear to God, I have been searching for a year or more and cannot even find a good compromise!

I really don't think my needs are outrageous, but after you finish reading my rant, maybe you will want a new radio too!

Currently I have a GE 74845A Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio. Its very good, but it has its limitations. I love the button for the NOAA weather report and the screeching alarm when my county sends out a severe warning. I also love the large number display and the easy way to set the time with the buttons on top.

What I wish it had was;
1. A CD player (to play new disks, listen to books on CD)
2. An aux jack for mp3 player
3. HD tuner (I live in the sticks and if HDTV is any indicator, I will get un-amplified HD radio signals much better than un-amplified analog signals.)
4. Switchable weekday/weekend alarms
5. Alarm options! One possible option I would like to see is to start with x minutes of NOAA weather, then switch to FM for x minutes, then an alarm until for x minutes or the button is pushed.

I have tried to find a clock radio with all the features above and they just aren't out there! I've searched, GE, Philips, Sangean, Sony and cannot find my perfect bedside companion. For such an important thing in many peoples lives, you would think there would be a huge competition in this arena, but sadly, no.

C'mon NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS!! Don't make me go to CHINA for this!! Step Up!

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