Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chris Toney's Items of Interest! - All my favorite things!

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Chris Toney's Items of Interest! - All my favorite things!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FREE Word Processor Based on Microsoft's WordPad Engine

FREE Word Processor Based on Microsoft's WordPad Engine: "Jarte \jär · 'tay\ noun (est. 2001) 1. A free word processor based on the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine built into Windows. 2. A fast starting, easy to use word processor that expands well beyond the WordPad feature set. 3. A small, portable word processor whose documents are fully compatible with Word and WordPad."

Monday, December 29, 2008

SANS Internet Storm Center - Fake AV incarnations making the rounds

More "Fake AV" Incarnations Making The Rounds

In terms of propagation, getting a "hit" from this malware is as easy as entering a series of search terms on your favorite search engine, and unluckily picking a search result that delivers nothing more than the misleading introductory screen and fake anti-virus pop-up alerts (with their associated "D-level" english grammar). Should you unfortunately find yourself victim to this, remember to not click anywhere on the screen, but instead use "Task Manager - Applications" to terminate the victimized web browser session.

SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network Security Community - Internet Security - isc

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Clock Radio - A wish list

Why can't I find a good clock radio with features that everyone needs? I swear to God, I have been searching for a year or more and cannot even find a good compromise!

I really don't think my needs are outrageous, but after you finish reading my rant, maybe you will want a new radio too!

Currently I have a GE 74845A Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio. Its very good, but it has its limitations. I love the button for the NOAA weather report and the screeching alarm when my county sends out a severe warning. I also love the large number display and the easy way to set the time with the buttons on top.

What I wish it had was;
1. A CD player (to play new disks, listen to books on CD)
2. An aux jack for mp3 player
3. HD tuner (I live in the sticks and if HDTV is any indicator, I will get un-amplified HD radio signals much better than un-amplified analog signals.)
4. Switchable weekday/weekend alarms
5. Alarm options! One possible option I would like to see is to start with x minutes of NOAA weather, then switch to FM for x minutes, then an alarm until for x minutes or the button is pushed.

I have tried to find a clock radio with all the features above and they just aren't out there! I've searched, GE, Philips, Sangean, Sony and cannot find my perfect bedside companion. For such an important thing in many peoples lives, you would think there would be a huge competition in this arena, but sadly, no.

C'mon NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS!! Don't make me go to CHINA for this!! Step Up!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

You want evidence?

The Disclosure Project - PROJECT BACKGROUND by Steven M. Greer, M.D. - Here

UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied (1.5 hour video) - Here

Moon Rising - On January 22, 2009 The World Premieres of "Moon Rising & Moon Views" take place at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre located at Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Plaza in North Hollywood, California. - Homepage
Battle of LA - Never heard of it? (other than the Rage Against the Machine album) - Here

*** Remember that you are a role model for someone! ***

Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 - Year of the Rat

Chinese Zodiac - Year of the Rat - Feb 7, 2008

The story behind the legend is that the Buddha of the sky decided to hold a competition for the animals' places in the zodiac sequence.

What would happen is that the first animal who reported to the Buddha would be placed first in the sequence and so on.

Originally, the rat and the cat were friends, and agreed that they would wake each other up on the day of the competition so that they would have a head start ahead of the other animals.

However, the rat was rather conniving, and decided to sleep in the ear of the ox.

The rat knew that the ox was accustomed to waking up early.

The next morning, the ox woke up very early, traveled across ponds and charged through valleys and just before they arrived in front of the Buddha, the rat jumped out of the tired ox's ear and gained first place in the sequence.

The other animals followed, and you can see that the laziest animal, the pig, won the last spot in the sequence.

The reason that there is no cat in the zodiac sequence is because the cat never woke up. This is the reason the cat and rat are enemies to this day.

*** Remember that you are a role model for someone! ***

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stillwater High School under lockdown!

Stillwater High School under LOCKDOWN!!

Man with gun seen outside school - no other details at this time...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Netflix From TIVO - WINNER!

Movies are streamed from Netflix through TiVo DVRs via wired or wireless broadband connection and a Netflix Queue-based user interface. Members visit the Netflix Web site to add movies and TV episodes to their individual instant Queues. Those choices will automatically be displayed on subscribers’ TVs and are available to watch instantly through the TiVo service. With the TiVo remote control users can browse their instant Queue, make selections right on the TV screen, as well as read synopses and rate movies. In addition, they have the option of pausing, fast-forwarding, rewinding and re-starting whenever they wish.

For more information on how to have movies instantly streamed from Netflix via your TiVo DVR visit

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Cold Sore Virus May Be Alzheimer's Smoking Gun

Researchers believe the herpes simplex virus is a significant factor in developing the debilitating disease and could be treated by antiviral agents such as acyclovir, which is already used to treat cold sores and other diseases caused by the herpes virus. Another future possibility is vaccination against the virus to prevent the development of Alzheimer's in the first place. The research was just published in the Journal of Pathology (abstract).

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17 Telephone Pushbutton Configurations that Didn’t Make the Cut

by David K. Israel - December 3, 2008 - 6:38 AM

Ever wonder who came up with the order of numbers on a telephone? Ever wonder why it isn’t the same as those on a calculator, or a keyboard, ascending from lowest to highest? After all, adding machines and mechanical calculators were around for at least a few hundred years before the invention of the pushbutton phone.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Help and Support - Stop print jobs via spooler

Help and Support: "Stop the print spooler and delete all spooled files"

First, in case that you don't know how printing works, here is a short explanation. Print jobs are sent to the printer as spooled files. This means that the files are put in a temporary location so that the printer can access a print queue and print jobs at its own speed. If you stop the spooler and delete its files, most of the time, you both cancel printing and delete the print jobs.

Click title and go straight to the help page.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Man Admits To Filming Porn While Babysitting

A 23-year-old Little Canada man has pleaded guilty to answering an online Craigslist ad to work as a baby sitter and then using the child to make a pornographic video.

Aaron Jay Lemon was originally charged with distributing the video on the Web, but in his plea deal in federal court on Thursday he admitted only to producing it.

The plea agreement says Lemon acted as a baby sitter in St. Paul and used a video camera to film the child. Lemon admitted to coercing a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct.

The U.S. Attorney's office says the case was part of Project Safe Childhood, which encourages the use of task forces from different agencies to investigate and prosecute cases that involve the sexual exploitation of children over the Internet.

Lemon will be sentenced later.


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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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Get Your Free TiVo Cookie Cutter

Get Your Free TiVo Cookie Cutter TiVo Blog: "Get Your Free TiVo Cookie Cutter
While supplies last, TiVo is offering a free Holiday cookie cutter if you simply hand over your contact info.
Provide us your contact information in the form below and we’ll send out your very own TiVo® cookie cutter for Free! And, then send us photos of your delicious creations—can’t wait to"

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

World 'must tackle space threat'

By Julian Siddle
Science reporter, BBC News

The international community must work together to tackle the threat of asteroids colliding with Earth, a leading UN scientist says.

Asteroid Gaspra taken by the Gallileo spacecraft

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Avery suspended indefinitely = BIG WTF?

DALLAS (AP)—The NHL suspended Dallas Stars forward Sean Avery indefinitely Tuesday for making a crude reference to former girlfriends while talking with reporters.

Avery’s inflammatory comments came following a morning skate in Calgary, Alberta, where the Stars were to play the Flames on Tuesday night. He approached a group of reporters, asked if a camera was present, then said he wanted to say one thing: “I’m really happy to be back in Calgary; I love Canada,” he said. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my (former girlfriends).”

He used a crass term to refer to ex-girlfriends now dating other people.

Avery’s ex-girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert, is dating Calgary defenseman Dion Phaneuf and had been romantically linked to Mike Komisarek of the Montreal Canadiens. Avery also dated model and actress Rachel Hunter, the girlfriend of Los Angeles Kings center Jarrett Stoll.

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