Sunday, November 09, 2008

Looking for those One-Item a Day shopping portals?

Updated List

My List of Daily Shop Stops!

Shnoop - Still there, looking better than ever! Top ten list.
ThingFling - Selection is waning. Starting to look like Woot.
Woot! - Like the selection, not much else. Can usually find cheaper somewhere else.
eWoobie - Seems to be unreachable..
ejectIT - Random I/T Products...Often goofy. Top ten list.
Stootsi - Hmmm.. Its ok. Kinda random, too many 'other' pages/sites...
Dealsucker - Compilation of daily deals! and one of my top three.
Boddit - My favorite site of compiled deals, and one of my top three.
Fruper - Another daily deal site! This rounds out my top three!
Yugster - Always interesting products! Top ten list.
IHavetoHaveThat - Boring page theme, but interesting products. Top ten list.
Brandlet - Good girl clothes site. Excellent models :)
ComputerDealofTheDay - Computer Deals, sometimes!
Froomb - Another collection of deals sites, tries to be everything, but is too busy.
CrazyMomDeals - Ummmm... Maybe for soccer moms with too much money....
DailySwag - Gone the way of the do do bird....
Amazon Collection of deals - Looks interesting.. - Stay away. You have to buy your own bids. The bidding is done in .15 cent blocks!

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