Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Great Online Deal Sites - Repost

My List of Daily Shop Stops! - ones I still think are active anyways-correct me via the comments link.

Crazy Deal of the Day - Newcomer - seems CRAZY!!!
Tanga - Seems like games and puzzles are their specialty... I'm puzzled with the site...
Shnoop - Shnoop I like, low key and BALANCED... A true 'deal-a-day' site.
ThingFling - My favorite site. They get more of my money than the others...
Woot! - The granddaddy daily deal site... Good prices, high shipping. One molecule from eBay.
ejectIT - Random and expensive products...
Stootsi - Hmmm.. growing by leaps and bounds. They send out too much email that crosses the spam line.
Dealsucker - Compilation of daily deals! This one is a start page tab in my browsers.
Boddit - My favorite site of compiled deals. I always go here.
Fruper - Another daily deal site! Unfortunately, they usually have junk that noone else will sell.
Yugster - Great stuff, good prices...
IHavetoHaveThat - One ridiculously good deal at a time. Excellent selection.
Brandlet - Womens Fashions for less... ok....
ComputerDealofTheDay - 90% computer systems, 10% Real Deals!
Froomb - Another busy, almost unreadable collection of links, depends on click thrus that my browser auto blocks...pass.
CrazyMomDeals - Mostly cheap junk that sells at dollar stores or worse... pass
HermanStreet - No real deals found... I don't know how they stay in business. Probably a front for something nefarious. Targets' deals are better any day of the week.

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