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40 Excellent Web Based Tools

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Online Image Editing

  1. Project Draw
    Project Draw is an online sketch tool from the makers of AutoCAD and Revit.
  2. Resizr
    Resizr allows users to upload a picutre (currently .jpg format only) and have it resized for them. The site also has a Firefox plugin.
  3. Splashup
    Splashup is a Photoshop-esque Flash based online image editing tool. Very easy to use and pretty powerful too.
  4. Navigation Tab Menu Generator
    Love tabbed navigation? Use this to create rounded buttons in a snap!
  5. Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator
    This online Web 2.0 logo generator is great for quickly creating trendy titles.
  6. Web 2.0 Logo Creatr
    Another web 2.0 style creator. The image is stored on the site’s server so no need to ftp anything.
  7. Spiffy Text
    Choose a font style, choose a background and then admire your online-created logo!
  8. Gliffy
    Gliffy is an online competitor to Microsoft Visio.
  9. Picnik
    Picnik is a powerful online image editing tool. You can do things like crop, sharpen, resize and even more.
  10. FotoFlexer
    FotoFlexer clains to be “the world’s most advanced online image editor”. It allows you to open images from MySpace, Facebook and more and directly edit them online.

Online Code Generators

  1. Xinha
    Xinha is a WYSIWYG editor for use online. It can be integrated into any kind of project.
  2. CSS Generator @ Advanced HTML For Beginners
    This online CSS generator allows you to create a CSS file for your body tag, links and even header area.
  3. Layout Generator @ CSS Creator
    Use this CSS creator when first creating a new site.
  4. CSS Generator @ CSS Creator
    After getting the site going, use this tool to add style to your text.
  5. CSS Source Generator @ Position is Everything
    The people from Position is Everything give us another CSS generator. This one gives you a large amount of control and even generates code for faux columns if you like.
  6. [listulike] CSS Generator
    Use this CSS generator to create cross-browser list-based navigation bars.
  7. Font Tester
    Use this service to see what your font choice will look like in paragraph form. You can specify line-height, font-weight, font-variant and even more.
  8. WYSIWYG HTML Image Map Creator
    Upload an image and use this AJAX powered WYSIWYG tool to create image maps.
  9. ColorSchemer
    ColorSchemer is very handy for web designers. Select a starting color and ColorSchemer will choose colors that go well together.
  10. QrONE CSS Designer
    Another online CSS generator that shows the results as you select your options.

Online Collaboration

  1. Google Docs
    Use Google to create spreadsheets, documents and even presentations completely online.
  2. ajaxWrite
    AjaxWrite is an online word processor.
  3. ThinkFree
    ThinkFree calls itself the “free online alternative to Microsoft Office”.
  4. ZOHO
    Zoho has a wide collection of software online, including a word processor, notebook, wiki and a presentation system.
  5. Backpack
    The team at 37signals brings us Backpack. This software allows you to organize photos, make lists, attach files and basically anything else you can think of online.
  6. Basecamp
    Basecamp is project management software from 37signals. This online tool allows you and a team to collaborate on projects and assign duties to individuals.

Online FTP Tools

  1. net2ftp
    net2ftp is a web based FTP client. If you’ve ever used an online FTP tool before this should be very comfortable.
  2. File Manager in cPanel
    Mosts webhosts these days are running cPanel. cPanel comes with something called “File Manager” which is a web-based FTP program.
  3. FTPLive
    FTPLive allows you to FTP items to your server entirely free of charge.

Online File Storage

  1. Flickr
    Flickr is an online photo storage server. The free version allows up to 100MB a month of uploads, while the payed service gives you unlimited space and uploads. Flickr also allows you to edit your photos online.
  2. BubbleShare
    BubbleShare is another online photo storage service, similar to Flickr.
  3. 23 Photo Sharing
    Another competitor to Flickr is 23.
  4. Drive Headquarters
    DriveHQ has a large number of free features including online file storage, online backup, ftp hosting and email hosting.
  5. GMail Drive shell extension
    GMail Drive shell extension allows you to map GMail as a hard drive on your computer. Use your 6gigs for anything you want.
  6. MediaMax
    MediaMax is an online file storage service that gives you 25 GB for free. - (Tom Bassett said...How did you create this list? Are you aware that MediaMax doesn't even exist anymore? Relaunched under a new name And that before they STOPPED existing, they were TERRIBLE - losing terabytes of user data? It is completely irresponsible to recommend MediaMax to readers, if indeed you have any. Nobody except you Tom..Sorry you lost your data at MediaMax. Btw, its not my list, its Justins...)

Other Useful Tools

    Use this awesome website to create sitemaps for Google, Yahoo and more.
  2. ROR Sitemap Generator
    Another sitemap generator that generates ROR sitemaps. Can be submitted to sites like Yahoo.
  3. S5: Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System
    Eric Meyer has created the ability to make a PowerPoint style presentation using only XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  4. Remember The Milk
    Remember The Milk is a very useful website for keeping track of items still needing to be done.
  5. CSSFly
    CSSFly allows you to edit sites online and view the results as you go.

40 Excellent Web Based Tools to Help You Design from Anywhere | Design Vitality


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Thanks for the link and description of Gliffy! We appreciate it!
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Mash-up more digital photos @ (upload a photo or pose live with your webcam).

Tom Bassett said...

How did you create this list? Are you aware that MediaMax doesn't even exist anymore?

And that before they STOPPED existing, they were TERRIBLE - losing terabytes of user data?

It is completely irresponsible to recommend MediaMax to readers, if indeed you have any.

Poonam Sharma said...

Tom is right. I too lost my data and Linkup support held my own data as hostage to make me sign up.

My 5GB of data is lost! Read my story here:

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