Saturday, May 03, 2008

Yugma: Free Web Collaboration Forever — anytime, anywhere.

Share your computer screen in real-time so that everyone sees what you see - regardless of the application, software or operating system you are using. With this powerful YugmaTM feature, you can accomplish any task you can in a traditional meeting.

As the host of your Yugma session, you can make any attendee the Presenter at any time. That way, meetings can flow organically between multiple parties, and you can accomplish more in a single session.
You can also share mouse and keyboard controls at anytime with other session attendees, allowing you to collaborate in "real-time" on virtually any application or software. With this powerful Yugma feature, sales professionals can review proposal changes with clients; technical support representatives can more effectively assist remote customers; project leaders can have more effective weekly reviews; lawyers can review and revise contracts with clients; and you can collaborate with your online communities on topics of interest.

Yugma: Free Web Collaboration Forever — anytime, anywhere.

This looks to be the poor man's Live Meeting - Formerly known as Placeware.

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