Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where does SharePoint fit?

Where does SharePoint fit?

I just think it will bring up the question from the Business of "Why do we need SharePoint"? Immediately everyone relates back to the 6 pillars. Now some of these won't be relevant if it can be done in Office and most likely quicker due to the overheads of SharePoint and Web development in general (Solutions, Features, Web Parts, BDC).The strengths of the Web Platform are that it can be made accessible outside of an internal network and does not rely on external Users having Office 2007 Applications on a Windows Operating System.

Microsoft have a Showcase for Office Products and now I can see WHY they renamed SharePoint to "Microsoft Office SharePoint Server"...to make it part of the "Office Family". Business facing sites e.g. office.microsoft.com promote this, but then looking at the developer community it appears to be quite a clear division between Office Application Development and SharePoint Development.

More Resourcing Issues

I can see this as becoming another problem similar to the one mentioned in my Governance post last week. Are Developers now expected to add Office Application Development to their skill set along with everything that Joel Olsen listed before?

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