Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Most Hilarious Outlook Configuration Utility Ever

OneNote Testing : The Most Hilarious Outlook Configuration Utility Ever: "This utility was literally using the Outlook UI to drive its configuration process. To 'Customize Outlook,' the app sent the keys to open Tools \ Options and then tabbed through the dialog to set the default reminder time to 15 minutes and made other settings like that. I was so stunned when I saw it running that I couldn't even act and get a screenshot until it was on step 5 out of 13. Amazing - at one point of my Outlook testing career I tested and ensured that these settings could be deployed via reg keys and login scripts programmatically. To see a vendor use the UI to drive the process is simply mind bending to me."

Doesn't this sound familiar? LOL!

---Don't forget that you are a role model for someone---

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