Sunday, April 20, 2008

PDF readers, the list.

Tired of Adobe's bloated pdf readers?

Me too.

Visit this Wiki page for a list of alternates. I'm going to try Drumlin..

Drumlin PDF Reader is a freeware PDF reader and secure publisher.

Drumlin PDF Reader/Publisher is a high security PDF reader and secure PDF publisher. Although it is fast, has a small footprint and is rich in functionality, its uniqueness is in its integrated secure publishing and authorisation facilities. Drumlin can be used to create strongly encrypted versions of PDF files, with controls including: start date, end date, number of times to view, number of times to print, number of pages that may be printed, copy text enabling/disabling and most notably, locking to a single end user's PC. Fully secured Drumlin PDFs cannot be copied between machine, protecting copyright and sensitive commercial or other documents. The latter is enabled via a central digital rights management (DRM) service, provided as a commercial service or intra-corporate offering.

Drumlin PDF Reader is available for 32-bit Microsoft Windows (98 up to XP and Vista)Category:PDF readers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Chris said...

I don't like Drumlin. I tried it but it didn't work seamlessly. I installed an older version of Adobe Acrobat (5) :(