Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chris Toney's Items of Interest! - All my favorite things!

My favorites all on one page!

Chris Toney's Items of Interest! - All my favorite things!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

FREE Word Processor Based on Microsoft's WordPad Engine

FREE Word Processor Based on Microsoft's WordPad Engine: "Jarte \jär · 'tay\ noun (est. 2001) 1. A free word processor based on the Microsoft WordPad word processing engine built into Windows. 2. A fast starting, easy to use word processor that expands well beyond the WordPad feature set. 3. A small, portable word processor whose documents are fully compatible with Word and WordPad."

Monday, December 29, 2008

SANS Internet Storm Center - Fake AV incarnations making the rounds

More "Fake AV" Incarnations Making The Rounds

In terms of propagation, getting a "hit" from this malware is as easy as entering a series of search terms on your favorite search engine, and unluckily picking a search result that delivers nothing more than the misleading introductory screen and fake anti-virus pop-up alerts (with their associated "D-level" english grammar). Should you unfortunately find yourself victim to this, remember to not click anywhere on the screen, but instead use "Task Manager - Applications" to terminate the victimized web browser session.

SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network Security Community - Internet Security - isc

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Clock Radio - A wish list

Why can't I find a good clock radio with features that everyone needs? I swear to God, I have been searching for a year or more and cannot even find a good compromise!

I really don't think my needs are outrageous, but after you finish reading my rant, maybe you will want a new radio too!

Currently I have a GE 74845A Weather Alert AM/FM Clock Radio. Its very good, but it has its limitations. I love the button for the NOAA weather report and the screeching alarm when my county sends out a severe warning. I also love the large number display and the easy way to set the time with the buttons on top.

What I wish it had was;
1. A CD player (to play new disks, listen to books on CD)
2. An aux jack for mp3 player
3. HD tuner (I live in the sticks and if HDTV is any indicator, I will get un-amplified HD radio signals much better than un-amplified analog signals.)
4. Switchable weekday/weekend alarms
5. Alarm options! One possible option I would like to see is to start with x minutes of NOAA weather, then switch to FM for x minutes, then an alarm until for x minutes or the button is pushed.

I have tried to find a clock radio with all the features above and they just aren't out there! I've searched, GE, Philips, Sangean, Sony and cannot find my perfect bedside companion. For such an important thing in many peoples lives, you would think there would be a huge competition in this arena, but sadly, no.

C'mon NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS!! Don't make me go to CHINA for this!! Step Up!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

You want evidence?

The Disclosure Project - PROJECT BACKGROUND by Steven M. Greer, M.D. - Here

UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied (1.5 hour video) - Here

Moon Rising - On January 22, 2009 The World Premieres of "Moon Rising & Moon Views" take place at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre located at Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Plaza in North Hollywood, California. - Homepage
Battle of LA - Never heard of it? (other than the Rage Against the Machine album) - Here

*** Remember that you are a role model for someone! ***

Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 - Year of the Rat

Chinese Zodiac - Year of the Rat - Feb 7, 2008

The story behind the legend is that the Buddha of the sky decided to hold a competition for the animals' places in the zodiac sequence.

What would happen is that the first animal who reported to the Buddha would be placed first in the sequence and so on.

Originally, the rat and the cat were friends, and agreed that they would wake each other up on the day of the competition so that they would have a head start ahead of the other animals.

However, the rat was rather conniving, and decided to sleep in the ear of the ox.

The rat knew that the ox was accustomed to waking up early.

The next morning, the ox woke up very early, traveled across ponds and charged through valleys and just before they arrived in front of the Buddha, the rat jumped out of the tired ox's ear and gained first place in the sequence.

The other animals followed, and you can see that the laziest animal, the pig, won the last spot in the sequence.

The reason that there is no cat in the zodiac sequence is because the cat never woke up. This is the reason the cat and rat are enemies to this day.

*** Remember that you are a role model for someone! ***

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stillwater High School under lockdown!

Stillwater High School under LOCKDOWN!!

Man with gun seen outside school - no other details at this time...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Netflix From TIVO - WINNER!

Movies are streamed from Netflix through TiVo DVRs via wired or wireless broadband connection and a Netflix Queue-based user interface. Members visit the Netflix Web site to add movies and TV episodes to their individual instant Queues. Those choices will automatically be displayed on subscribers’ TVs and are available to watch instantly through the TiVo service. With the TiVo remote control users can browse their instant Queue, make selections right on the TV screen, as well as read synopses and rate movies. In addition, they have the option of pausing, fast-forwarding, rewinding and re-starting whenever they wish.

For more information on how to have movies instantly streamed from Netflix via your TiVo DVR visit

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Cold Sore Virus May Be Alzheimer's Smoking Gun

Researchers believe the herpes simplex virus is a significant factor in developing the debilitating disease and could be treated by antiviral agents such as acyclovir, which is already used to treat cold sores and other diseases caused by the herpes virus. Another future possibility is vaccination against the virus to prevent the development of Alzheimer's in the first place. The research was just published in the Journal of Pathology (abstract).

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17 Telephone Pushbutton Configurations that Didn’t Make the Cut

by David K. Israel - December 3, 2008 - 6:38 AM

Ever wonder who came up with the order of numbers on a telephone? Ever wonder why it isn’t the same as those on a calculator, or a keyboard, ascending from lowest to highest? After all, adding machines and mechanical calculators were around for at least a few hundred years before the invention of the pushbutton phone.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Help and Support - Stop print jobs via spooler

Help and Support: "Stop the print spooler and delete all spooled files"

First, in case that you don't know how printing works, here is a short explanation. Print jobs are sent to the printer as spooled files. This means that the files are put in a temporary location so that the printer can access a print queue and print jobs at its own speed. If you stop the spooler and delete its files, most of the time, you both cancel printing and delete the print jobs.

Click title and go straight to the help page.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Man Admits To Filming Porn While Babysitting

A 23-year-old Little Canada man has pleaded guilty to answering an online Craigslist ad to work as a baby sitter and then using the child to make a pornographic video.

Aaron Jay Lemon was originally charged with distributing the video on the Web, but in his plea deal in federal court on Thursday he admitted only to producing it.

The plea agreement says Lemon acted as a baby sitter in St. Paul and used a video camera to film the child. Lemon admitted to coercing a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct.

The U.S. Attorney's office says the case was part of Project Safe Childhood, which encourages the use of task forces from different agencies to investigate and prosecute cases that involve the sexual exploitation of children over the Internet.

Lemon will be sentenced later.


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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Buy Here! - All my favorite things!

Get Your Free TiVo Cookie Cutter

Get Your Free TiVo Cookie Cutter TiVo Blog: "Get Your Free TiVo Cookie Cutter
While supplies last, TiVo is offering a free Holiday cookie cutter if you simply hand over your contact info.
Provide us your contact information in the form below and we’ll send out your very own TiVo® cookie cutter for Free! And, then send us photos of your delicious creations—can’t wait to"

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

World 'must tackle space threat'

By Julian Siddle
Science reporter, BBC News

The international community must work together to tackle the threat of asteroids colliding with Earth, a leading UN scientist says.

Asteroid Gaspra taken by the Gallileo spacecraft

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Avery suspended indefinitely = BIG WTF?

DALLAS (AP)—The NHL suspended Dallas Stars forward Sean Avery indefinitely Tuesday for making a crude reference to former girlfriends while talking with reporters.

Avery’s inflammatory comments came following a morning skate in Calgary, Alberta, where the Stars were to play the Flames on Tuesday night. He approached a group of reporters, asked if a camera was present, then said he wanted to say one thing: “I’m really happy to be back in Calgary; I love Canada,” he said. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my (former girlfriends).”

He used a crass term to refer to ex-girlfriends now dating other people.

Avery’s ex-girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert, is dating Calgary defenseman Dion Phaneuf and had been romantically linked to Mike Komisarek of the Montreal Canadiens. Avery also dated model and actress Rachel Hunter, the girlfriend of Los Angeles Kings center Jarrett Stoll.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nanotech clothing fabric 'never gets wet'

Nanotech clothing fabric 'never gets wet' - tech - 24 November 2008 - New Scientist:

* 18:02 24 November 2008 by Jon Evans
* For similar stories, visit the Nanotechnology Topic Guide

If you were to soak even your best raincoat underwater for two months it would be wet through at the end of the experience. But a new waterproof material developed by Swiss chemists would be as dry as the day it went in.

Lead researcher Stefan Seeger at the University of Zurich says the fabric, made from polyester fibres coated with millions of tiny silicone filaments, is the most water-repellent clothing-appropriate material ever created."

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fringe - The Pattern

Fringe - Bios

I was watching the episode called "The Dreamscape" from my Tivo tonite and noticed an airline ticket marked Oceanic Air. As a Lost fan, I recognized the name.

I love Lost and I am beginning to love Fringe.

One thing I do like more than Lost is that they will tell you when they go on commercial break. They say something like "Fringe will return in 90 seconds" on a screen that contains some icon. The one I remember is a hand print with 6 fingers.

That's only three clicks on my little fast forward button hack.

Tivo rocks!

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Riots 'kill hundreds in Nigeria'

Hundreds of people are reported to have been killed in central Nigeria after Christians and Muslims clashed over the result of a local election.

A Muslim charity in the town of Jos says it collected more than 300 bodies, and fatalities are also expected from other ethnic groups, mainly Christians.

There is no official confirmation yet, and figures are notoriously unreliable in Nigeria, says the BBC's Alex Last.

Police have imposed a 24-hour curfew and the army is patrolling the streets.

They have been given orders to shoot on sight in an effort to quell the bloodshed, some of the most serious in Nigeria in recent years.

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Mumbai terror rage ends after 60 hours, 195 dead

Mumbai terror rage ends after 60 hours, 195 dead

By JENNY BARCHFIELD and RAMOLA TALWAR BADAM, Associated Press Writers Jenny Barchfield And Ramola Talwar Badam, Associated Press Writers 3 mins ago

MUMBAI, India – A 60-hour terror rampage across India's financial capital ended Saturday when commandos killed the last three gunmen holed up in a luxury hotel engulfed in flames. At least 195 people died.

After the final siege ended, adoring crowds surrounded six buses near the hotel carrying weary, unshaven commandos, shaking their hands and giving them flowers. The commandos, dressed in black fatigues, said they had been ordered not to talk about the operation, but said they had not slept since the ordeal began. One sat sipping a bottle of water and holding a pink rose.

"What happened is disgusting," said Suresh Thakkar, 59, who reopened his clothing store behind the hotel Saturday for the first time since the attacks. "It will be harder to recover, but we will recover. Bombay people have a lot of spirit and courage." Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay.

Officials said they believe just 10 well-prepared gunmen were behind the attacks that brought the city of 18 million to its knees for three days.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Adult Equalizer

Next time you find yourself in the middle of a nerf war, pull this baby out of the closet and barricade yourself in the hallway with this massive nerf gun.

---Don't forget that you are a role model for someone---

Check out my Amazon Store?

35 Things Every PC User Should Know - PC World

Want to speed up your broadband connection? Diagnose mysterious crashes? Move massive files across the Internet? Sooner or later, you will--and you'll find step-by-step instructions for these and other common PC tasks right here.

Christopher Null
Monday, January 29, 2007 07:00 PM PST

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Microsoft's new hosted services: What are your options?

By Scott M. Fulton, III, BetaNews
November 17, 2008, 3:45 PM

Today's announcement officially means Microsoft is the latest entry in a market of services that Microsoft actually made feasible: It can now host Exchange mailboxes for Active Directory users that do not have Exchange Server 2007.

In a very compelling alternative package, though, the company is rolling all four of these services into a single bundle called Business Productivity Online Standard Suite, for $15 per user per month. Package licensing deals are available for "midmarket" customers with between 25 and 499 users, and "enterprise" customers with 500 users and above.

BetaNews Microsoft's new hosted services: What are your options?

Looking for a good deal?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bug Labs: Products

Bug Labs: Products

BUG is a collection of easy-to-use electronic modules that snap together to build any gadget you can imagine. Each BUGmodule represents a specific gadget function (ex: a camera, a keyboard, a video output, etc.). You decide which functions to include and BUG takes care of the rest, letting you try out different combinations quickly and easily. With BUG and the integrated programming environment/online community (BUGnet), anyone can build, program and share innovative devices and applications. We don’t define the final products – you do.

Think Radio Shack 101 lab experiments, but for the 21st Century!

Looking for a good deal?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Goodbye Calling All Pets - WPR cancelled

Goodbye Calling All Pets

Well, this is a hard one to write.

Wisconsin Public Radio has cancelled production of Calling All Pets.

Want a good deal?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My recent last glug of a Sierra Mist

I was watching Tivo and finishing off a mini can of Sierra Mist, when an unexpected solid drained into my mouth. Nasty..

Want a good deal?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Homo floresiensis revisited on Nova's "Alien from Earth"

In 2003, an Australian/Indonesian team made a stunning discovery deep within a limestone cave on the Indonesian island of Flores: the remains of what they and many other experts consider a brand-new species of human, Homo floresiensis. The following year, the crew unearthed remains of up to eight more "hobbit" individuals in the same cave.

Mike Morwood has written many scientific papers on the discovery and is coauthor (with Penny van Oosterzee), of A New Human: The Startling Discovery and Strange Story of the "Hobbits" of Flores, Indonesia (Smithsonian Books, 2007).

NOVA Alien From Earth Ask the Expert PBS

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wisconsin Realizes Franchise 'Reform' Was a Con - State wakes up after bender, notices AT&T in bed next to them... -

Wisconsin Realizes Franchise 'Reform' Was a Con - State wakes up after bender, notices AT&T in bed next to them... - "Wisconsin Realizes Franchise 'Reform' Was a Con
State wakes up after bender, notices AT&T in bed next to them...
08:55AM Monday Nov 10 2008 by Karl Bode
tags: legal · competition · business · Politics
Tipped by ArgMeMatey

The baby bells have lobbied very hard to gut the existing local franchise system, without it getting much coverage from the technology media. With the FCC's help, they've passed franchise 'reform' laws in more than a dozen states under the promise of more jobs and lower TV rates. In reality, the bills are designed to legalize cherry picking, kill consumer protection laws, eliminate local authority and eminent domain rights, and streamline lobbying. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, with TV rates skyrocketing, Wisconsin is the latest to notice that the franchise 'reform' bill they were sold didn't actually do anything for consumers that the old system didn't."

Windows XP File Assocation Fixes

Windows XP File Assocation Fixes

Holy Grail!

The United States government has passed incentives for small wind.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to build a website

How to build a website: Get a manager.
Don't put a whizkid, graphical designer, or a programmer in charge of your internet project. Whizkids are cheap and they have lot's of great idea's. But they focus on what's hot and new, not on finishing your project. A graphical designer will deliver a great looking but completely useless website. A programmer will make a website which you can use, but don't want to. Building a website is just like any other project; lot's of little details have to be merged into a whole. You will need somebody to organise and keep track of the unruly designers and programmers."

- Jeroen Kessels

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Looking for those One-Item a Day shopping portals?

Updated List

My List of Daily Shop Stops!

Shnoop - Still there, looking better than ever! Top ten list.
ThingFling - Selection is waning. Starting to look like Woot.
Woot! - Like the selection, not much else. Can usually find cheaper somewhere else.
eWoobie - Seems to be unreachable..
ejectIT - Random I/T Products...Often goofy. Top ten list.
Stootsi - Hmmm.. Its ok. Kinda random, too many 'other' pages/sites...
Dealsucker - Compilation of daily deals! and one of my top three.
Boddit - My favorite site of compiled deals, and one of my top three.
Fruper - Another daily deal site! This rounds out my top three!
Yugster - Always interesting products! Top ten list.
IHavetoHaveThat - Boring page theme, but interesting products. Top ten list.
Brandlet - Good girl clothes site. Excellent models :)
ComputerDealofTheDay - Computer Deals, sometimes!
Froomb - Another collection of deals sites, tries to be everything, but is too busy.
CrazyMomDeals - Ummmm... Maybe for soccer moms with too much money....
DailySwag - Gone the way of the do do bird....
Amazon Collection of deals - Looks interesting.. - Stay away. You have to buy your own bids. The bidding is done in .15 cent blocks!

Underdog Heaven - Thanks John!

The Kennel Award: The Best Perennial Team, City or Region for Underdog Sports-- Buffalo, The Buffalo-Niagara Region and Western New York, otherwise known as "Bills Country."

Nice page dedicated to the Underdog capital of all popular American sports.

Buffalo Sports

Saturday, November 08, 2008 - The Global Broadband Speed Test

From Clear Lake, WI to Minneapolis

Faster to Chicago land for some reason... Hmmmm. - The Global Broadband Speed Test

My results from Clear Lake, WI to Chicago test site.

6 Steps to a Faster Broadband Connection - Page1 -  MSN Tech & Gadgets - How To

6 Steps to a Faster Broadband Connection - Page1 - MSN Tech & Gadgets - How To: "Even if you're paying top dollar for high-speed Internet service, you may not be getting the performance you expect. Follow our guide to boost your broadband speed."

1. Test Your Connection SpeedBefore you start tweaking, get a baseline reading of your downstream and upstream connection speeds at If possible, measure the speeds at different times of day, especially during the hours when you use the connection most frequently and at least once after midnight or 1:00 a.m. (when competition for bandwith is likely to be at its lowest level).

More steps after the jump..

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trojan virus steals banking info

The Sinowal trojan has been tracked by RSA, which helps to secure networks in Fortune 500 companies.

RSA said the trojan virus has infected computers all over the planet.

'The effect has been really global with over 2000 domains compromised,' said Sean Brady of RSA's security division.

He told the BBC: 'This is a serious incident on a very noticeable scale and we have seen an increase in the number of trojans and their variants, particularly in the States and Canada.'

Saturday, November 01, 2008

1997 Dodge Intrepid 244k miles - GREAT WINTER CAR

White 1997 Dodge Intrepid, good used condition, clean non-smoking interior. Driven daily from Amery, WI to Woodbury, MN for last four years.

Reliable and 26/27 mpg highway. Trip to Chicago hit 31mpg last summer! Has 244,000 miles and will likely drive another 100,000 if kept up. Great tires, New brakes this year, Cold AC, Cruise Control used daily, Python remote starter and remote door locks for these cold winters!

Sony in dash CD stereo with remote and removable head unit. This car also has a block heater.

Uses about a quart of oil every 2000 miles. Oil has been changed every 5000 miles since I purchased car at 120,000 miles in 2004. I just purchased a car that gets 40mpg and could really use the money from the sale of this Intrepid.

The car does currently need the CV Boots replaced and the car is priced accordingly @ $1600 or best reasonable offer. VIN-2B3HD46T4VH762946

1997 Dodge Intrepid - GREAT WINTER CAR

Friday, October 31, 2008

Otto the octopus wrecks havoc

Otto the octopus wreaks havoc

A octopus has caused havoc in his aquarium by performing juggling tricks using his fellow occupants, smashing rocks against the glass and turning off the power by shortcircuiting a lamp.

Picture of Otto after the jump

Otto the octopus wrecks havoc - Telegraph

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VisualCron - advanced task scheduler/automation tool for Windows

FileForum | VisualCron: "VisualCron 4.9.11
Publisher's Description:

VisualCron is an advanced task scheduler / automation tool for Windows. Client/Server architecture. Remote, secure control across the Internet. Define jobs with tasks that start processes, copy files, execute remote scripts and send keystrokes. 'Conditions' controls internal flow of tasks based on errors, last task result, if a file exists or contains a certain text. 'Triggers' that starts jobs can either be based on time or system events like when a file has changed, process has started or ended, a change in the event log, etc. Real time status update in a modern, easy to use interface. 'Notifications' reports the result for a job or task result in different ways; write to a file, database table or send an email, etc."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

August 2008 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems

Daylight Savings Time for Windows

November 3rd 2008 is the day the time 'falls' back.

Go to the link if your calendar items are off by one hour

August 2008 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows operating systems

GLITCH! - Chuck: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

At the end of this episode, Jeff goes to play the game again. If you look closely, the high score is NOT 2000000 like Chuck scored, its like 161,500 or something like that. Now shouldn't that be what Chuck scored for the kill screen???? Hmmmm?

Hulu - Chuck: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer - Watch the full episode now.

Yahoo to build $100M data center and add new jobs, despite financial woes

Yahoo on Friday forged ahead with a deal to build both a customer care center and a data center in Nebraska, even after reporting a 64 percent drop in third-quarter profits on Monday of the same week.

Slated to open some time in 2009, the customer care center will be located in a business park in western Omaha, and the data center in a free-standing building in La Vista, Nebraska.
Yahoo is making an initial investment of $100 million in the La Vista data center, and initial hires are expected to include about 50 people, each paid in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.

BetaNews Yahoo to build $100M data center and add new jobs, despite financial woes

Breakthrough US deal by Google

After searching for books via Google, users will be offered free samples of chosen titles, with the option to buy more. Although it is as yet unclear how much books will cost to download, a royalty organisation, the Book Rights Registry, will take payments from Google (after it has taken a 37% cut) and distribute them to the authors and publishers. "This historic settlement is a win for everyone," said Richard Sarnoff, chairman of the publishers association. "It's hard work writing a book, and even harder work getting paid for it," said Roy Blount, president of the guild. "This deal makes good sense."

The agreement between Google and the US book industry means that internet users will soon be able to choose from and buy millions of titles, many out of print, or read them on a page-by-page basis.

Breakthrough US deal by Google to sell book content online Technology The Guardian

Friday, October 24, 2008

DriverMax - free driver updates

DriverMax allows you to download the latest driver updates for your computer. No more searching for some rare driver on discs or on the web. No more driver CD after the other. Just create a free account, log in, and start downloading the driver updates that you need.

You can also export all your current drivers to a folder or a compressed file. When reinstalling Windows you will have all drivers in one place!

The Desktop System repair person's dream!

DriverMax - free driver updates

Need a spare Windows box? - Jesper's Blog

EC2 is Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, a network of virtual servers where you pay only for what you use. Use it for two hours and you get charged for two hours. Use it for a month and you get charged only for a month. It's an eat-all-you-want server where you pay only for what you eat. You can even get it with SQL Server pre-installed.

Need a spare Windows box? - Jesper's Blog

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Critical Security Update released today

WSUS Product Team Blog : Critical Security Update released today: "WSUS Admins:
Please ensure you have synched your WSUS servers and deployed the critical security update released today, 10/23/2008 to your environments. For more information see: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Very funny!! Thanks Mom!


John was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young
layers(hens), called 'pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the
eggs. He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.
This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them
to his roosters. Each bell had a different tone so he could tell from
a distance which rooster was performing. Now, he could sit on the porch and fill
out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

John's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen but this morning
he noticed Old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! When he went to
investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets,
bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, could
run for cover.

To John's amazement, Old Butch had his bell in his beak so it couldn't
ring.He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Renfrew County
Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.
The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the No Bell Piece
but they also awarded him the Pulletsurprise as well.

Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a
politician could figure out how to win two of the most highly coveted
awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the populace
and screwing them when they weren't paying attention?

Vote carefully this year, the bells are not always audible.

Very funny!! Thanks Mom!


John was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young
layers(hens), called 'pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the
eggs. He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.
This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them
to his roosters. Each bell had a different tone so he could tell from
a distance which rooster was performing. Now, he could sit on the porch and fill
out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

John's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen but this morning
he noticed Old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! When he went to
investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets,
bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, could
run for cover.

To John's amazement, Old Butch had his bell in his beak so it couldn't
ring.He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the Renfrew County
Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.
The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the No Bell Piece
but they also awarded him the Pulletsurprise as well.

Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a
politician could figure out how to win two of the most highly coveted
awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the populace
and screwing them when they weren't paying attention?

Vote carefully this year, the bells are not always audible.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Repair IE - Internet Explorer Repair for Windows

Repair IE - Internet Explorer Repair for Windows

Repair IE is a free but powerful repair utility for Internet Explorer, with Repair IE you can safely clean, repair and optimize the Internet Explorer registry with a few simple mouse clicks! By using this repair tool regularly and fixing registry errors your IE browser should not only be more stable but it will also help improve your IE browser performance.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

AD Query for Active Directory

AD Query for Active Directory - Domain Object Search Tool: "AD Query is a totally FREE utility that allows quick and easy auditing of any user or computer object within Active Directory. Unlike the standard Users and Computers MMC, AD Query shows all schema, LDAP and Exchange mail-enabled attributes for the object that have data written.
With AD Query, there is no need to poke around in the schema, LDAP or Exchange MMC, or use scripts to convert schema data to something humanly readable."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Safarp Uninstaller

Safarp is a small and fast alternative to the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel applet of Windows 2000/XP. It displays a list of the installed programs and allows one to uninstall / repair them.

Additional features are:

•Search function
•Obsolete list entries removal
•Export program list to a file (HTML, RTF, CSV...)
•New report templates can be written to export to other file formats
•Accessibility via the Control Panel (optional)
•Option to hide the Windows hotfixes
•Standard Windows interface (no fancy UI that slows down the program)


SysAngel Software Updater

I'll be trying these tools out. Maybe you should too.

The DVD Generator Build and deploy an up-to-date, customized, unattended and complete Windows XP. All in one DVD. Linux-based.

The Updater Deploy on all your workstations latest software. Always have it upgraded.

The WINNER Project WINNER (Windows Is Not Necessary for Everyone's RIS) is a different way to set up a RIS Server, with impressive specificities. Linux-based.

SysAngel Software Updater

PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost)

Specific advantages PING brings you over DOS and Ghost :
Most network cards automatically recognized by the Kernel (unlike DOS);
Most CD/DVD readers automatically recognized by the Kernel (unlike DOS);
You don't have to run a Ghostcast server to receive images over the network;
More supported filesystems;
You can store an image on several CD/DVD (CD/DVD-spanning);
You can backup and restore BIOS settings too;
Much much smaller than WinPE / BartPE;

PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

HGK_Drift_Party Video

HGK_Drift_Party_20.09.08- Video


McDonald's Monopoly Rare Pieces for 2008 Contest

Water Works - $50 *New*
Mediterranean Avenue - $100
Short Line Railroad - $500
Vermont Avenue - $1,000
Virginia Avenue - $2,000
Tennessee Avenue - $5,000
Kentucky Avenue - $10,000
Ventnor Avenue - $25,000
Pennsylvania Avenue - $50,000
Golden Avenue - $100,000 *New*
Boardwalk - $1,000,000

McDonald's Monopoly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Minnesota Absentee Voter Guide

Minnesota Absentee Voter Guide Long Distance Voter:

Minnesota Absentee Voter Guide Here!

General Election: Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Registration
Received by October 14, 2008 (if you plan to vote in person)

No deadline for absentee voters - you can even apply for your absentee ballot before you're registered and your elections official will send you a registration form with the absentee ballot.

Absentee Ballot Request
No specific deadline. We recommend requesting your ballot by October 21, 2008.

Absentee Ballot Return
Received on or before Election Day.

Reboots DaMachina!


Today's Deal:$14.99

Click on the banner at top right and look for the Deal of the day!!

Reboots DaMachina!

McDonald’s Monopoly Game 2008

Well does anyone know yet which are the pieces to get?

Is it the same pieces as years past? Or have they finally updated it?

McDonald’s Monopoly

Friday, October 10, 2008

Resources for Absentee Voters


Long Distance Voter has everything you need to register and vote by mail.

You'll find forms, deadlines, and easy to follow directions in our voter guides. If you get stuck at any point, you can contact us and we'll personally guide you through the process.

Military and overseas voters should check out the Overseas Vote Foundation.

Resources for Absentee Voters | Long Distance Voter

Wisconsin Absentee Voter Guide | Long Distance Voter

Want to vote, but drive an hour or more to work? Try absentee voting this year!

Wisconsin Absentee Voter Guide | Long Distance Voter

Halo 3 Master Chief-Costume

Wear the Armor of a Master Chief this Halloween! The Mark IV MJOLNIR armor system offers superior strength and durability, giving the wearer the power necessary to combat the threats posed by the Covenant, and to defend against the Flood. The Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Adult Costume includes: An excellent quality dark quilted jumpsuit with EVA molded armor, molded gauntlets, and boot tops. A two-piece deluxe Master Chief helmet is also included to complete this high quality ensemble.

Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Adult Costume - Costumes

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Windows - Network Diagnostics

Windows - Network Diagnostics "When you are on the internet or are working in an networked environment you may think you have problems with your network connection. However it would be helpful if you could diagnose whether there is a problem and what it is.

Fortunately there are some useful tools built in to all versions of Windows which can help you, you just need to know what they are and how to use them. This page explains them and gives you some example of the circumstances when it is a good idea to use them."

Excellent brain dump for those tech wonks stuck with troubleshooting network connections to India, China or Dumbfukistan! Congratulations Amset! Excellent reference.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wreckage of Fossett's plane, and remains, found..

Asked about the sheriff's assessment of the physical evidence, NTSB spokesman Terry Wiliams reaffirmed NTSB acting Chairman Mark Rosenker's earlier statement.

"We stick by that. It's human remains," said Williams, who declined to say how the NTSB had arrived at that conclusion.

Fossett, the 63-year-old thrill-seeker, vanished on a solo flight 13 months ago. The mangled debris of his single-engine Bellanca was spotted from the air late Wednesday near the town of Mammoth Lakes and was identified by its tail number. Investigators said the plane had slammed straight into a mountainside.

"It was a hard-impact crash, and he would've died instantly," said Jeff Page, emergency management coordinator for Lyon County, Nev., who assisted in the search. experienced pilot like that slamming into a mountainside.... So very convenient.

Wreckage of Fossett's plane, and remains, found - Yahoo! News

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Be my netflix friend?


Hillary Nuts

I just thought this was funny...

Hillary Nuts

RegAlyzer© - From the makers of Spybot S&D

"RegAlyzer is a tool to browse and change the registry. It was created because of a few features we missed in the original regedit tool, from support for exotic value types over background and regular expression search to better bookmarks, displaying .reg files in the accustomed style and a history view."

RegAlyzer© - The home of Spybot-S&D!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Man flies across English Channel like Iron Man!

"Jet Man" Crosses English Channel Like a Human Rocket:
Kate Ravilious in York, United Kingdom
for National Geographic News
September 26, 2008

Yves Rossy, aka Jet Man, zoomed into the record books Friday, flying across the English Channel strapped to a single jet-powered wing, with only a helmet and flight suit for protection.

The 22-mile (35-kilometer) France-to-England journey took 13 minutes.

Around 2 p.m., local time, Rossy leaped from a plane abound 8,200 feet (2,500 meters) above a beach near Calais. Within seconds he had opened his wing, fired up his four miniature jet turbines, and pointed his nose toward Britain.

Cruising at speeds of over 125 miles (200 kilometers) an hour, Rossy steered by just moving his head and back.
After a smooth crossing—followed by a few celebratory loops—Rossy opened his parachute system and floated down to a green field not far from the White Cliffs of Dover (see map).

"With that crossing I showed it is possible to fly a little bit like a bird. I am full of hope there will be many in the near future," Rossy said after landing, according to Britain's Guardian newspaper.

What next? IRON MAN?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Christopher Toney for President

New Presidential Candidate... It's someone we know!

There's an effort to elect an unknown random person as President... and it's someone we know! Watch this online video about the surprising new nominee:

Jot back a note to let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smells Influence Dreams, so don't fart in your bedroom

Rebecca Carroll
for National Geographic News
September 23, 2008

What you smell may influence emotions in your dreams, according to a new study.

When researchers gave dreaming subjects whiffs of rose scent, the subjects reported rosier dreams. The scent of rotten eggs, on the other hand, provoked unpleasant dreams, the study found.

So to have good dreams, I should buy some Gas-x?

Smells Influence Dreams, Study Says

Monday, September 22, 2008

McAfee to acquire network security provider Secure Computing

McAfee to acquire network security provider Secure Computing

By Sharon Fisher, BetaNews

September 22, 2008, 2:05 PM

In an attempt to give it a bigger presence in the enterprise network security market, McAfee announced today that it was acquiring Secure Computing Group for $465 million, or $5.75 per share plus $84 million for outstanding preferred stock.
Part of the attraction of Secure Computing is that it offers little overlap with existing McAfee Inc. products, said Vimal Solanki, vice president of worldwide solution marketing for the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company. Users can expect to see a suite product for network security similar to McAfee's Total Endpoint Security and Total Protection for Data, he said.

BetaNews McAfee to acquire network security provider Secure Computing

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally finalizing 802.11n

Interop panel: Finally finalizing 802.11n

By Jacqueline Emigh, BetaNews

September 18, 2008, 11:21 AM

You may think the 802.11n Wi-Fi networking standard is already here. The fact is, equipment manufacturers have been relying on drafts. At last, the final draft is on its way, and an Interop panel discussed its implications Wednesday.

NEW YORK, NY (BetaNews) - The now emerging IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi standard will add some major new twists to Wi-Fi, or in many cases, finalize some of the twists manufacturers have already begun implementing while waiting for the finalized draft. Some of the most important of these changes will include three modes of operation and two frequency ranges, speakers said at the Interop conference here Wednesday.

Although the IEEE has not yet approved the final 802.11n standard, some wireless devices, such as routers, are already available that comply with the emerging specification.

BetaNews | Interop panel: Finally finalizing 802.11n

NetSetMan - Managing Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000 Network Settings made easy | Windows Reference

NetSetMan offers you what have been missing in Windows until now:
A powerful, easy-to-use interface to manage all your network settings at a glance.
Give it a try and you’ll never want to be without it again.

All settings and changes are saved automatically in a separate file (settings.ini) so a backup, transfer or upgrade to another version is absolutely no problem.

NetSetMan - Managing Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000 Network Settings made easy | Windows Reference

TCPView for Windows - Slowness reported? Use this.

TCPView for Windows v2.53

By Mark Russinovich

Published: January 11, 2008


TCPView is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections. On Windows Server 2008, Vista, NT, 2000 and XP TCPView also reports the name of the process that owns the endpoint. TCPView provides a more informative and conveniently presented subset of the Netstat program that ships with Windows. The TCPView download includes Tcpvcon, a command-line version with the same functionality.

A Farmer Turns Cow Manure Into Drinkable Water!

A Farmer Turns Cow Manure Into Drinkable Water!: "Imagine turning manure into water, and then drinking it! It's probably something most of us would cringe at, but one dairy farmer has been doing that for the last two and a half years.

The Prius driving dairy farmer John Vrieze has been working on a project that he says takes his cow manure, which is 90% water, extracts the nutrients, and turns the rest of the waste into clean, clear drinkable water.

Vrieze says, “Well it’s a great project, because we farmers think we're the greatest environmentalists of them all, we're always trying to figure out how to leave our lands for the next generation, and in better shape than when we got them from out ancestors.”"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mystery ship washes ashore in Alabama after Hurricane Ike -

Mystery ship washes ashore in Alabama after Hurricane Ike - "FORT MORGAN, Alabama (AP) -- When the waves from Hurricane Ike receded, they left behind a mystery: a ragged shipwreck that archeologists say could be a two-masted Civil War schooner that ran aground in 1862 or another ship from 70 years later."

Ex-Concordia Janitor Gets Nearly 1 Year In Jail - Ex-Concordia Janitor Gets Nearly 1 Year In Jail:

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) ― A former Concordia College janitor has been sentenced to nearly a year in jail for videotaping members of the women's basketball team in the shower.

Steven Sopko was sentenced to 350 days in jail. Nearly three additional years were stayed on condition Sopko complete two years of probation and pay fines and fees totaling more than $1,000.

Sopko pleaded guilty earlier this year in Clay County to seven counts of interfering with privacy. He admitted he secretly placed a camera in a campus shower room that captured nude images of seven basketball players.

The charge is a gross misdemeanor but is not considered a sex crime in Minnesota.

Sopko did not make a statement at his sentencing. His attorney, Gregory Joseph, says Sopko is 'not a monster' but is 'a person who made a very bad decision.'


Get a free PC Safety Scan on Microsoft's Dime!

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safety

Found today while perusing the Microsoft rss feeds today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creator of banned iPhone app goes his own route

BetaNews | Creator of banned iPhone app goes his own route:

By Jacqueline Emigh, BetaNews
September 15, 2008, 1:15 PM

As Apple continues to reject applications for its iPhone App Store without any apparent consistency, the developer of a mobile podcasting application has taken matters into his own hands by turning to a little known workaround.

After having squelched more controversial applications, including the 'Murderdrome' comic book and a fart joke application dubbed 'Pull My Finger,' Apple turned around and banned Alex Sokirynsky's 'Podcaster' application from the iPhone App Store.

Now, instead of just waiting and hoping that Apple will change its mind, developer Alex Sokirynsky is using a feature of the iPhone/iPod Touch called 'Ad Hoc App Distribution' to distribute his 'Podcaster' application himself.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

India's twins pose DNA puzzle - Mohammad Pur Umri

BBC NEWS Programmes India's twins pose DNA puzzle:

By Rajan Chakravarty
BBC in Mohammad Pur Umri

Scientists from around the world are flocking to a small Indian village to try to find out why an extraordinarily large number of identical twins are being born there.

One in 10 births in Mohammad Pur Umri, near Allahabad, involves twins, most of them identical.

Looking at the faces of Umri's residents, you can be forgiven for wondering if you have stepped onto the set of a sci-fi film on cloning.

Globally, the odds of a woman giving birth to identical twins is one in 300.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Democrats - Thanks Mark!

The photo below captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect wildlife in the USA . Animals that were formerly self-sufficient are now showing signs of belonging to the Democratic they have apparently learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for their care and sustenance.

Photo Tampering Throughout History

A fascinating look at famous doctored photographs through history. I never realized how long people have been altering pictures.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Women's Poem - Thanks Mark

A WOMAN'S POEM:Before I lay me down to sleep,I pray for a man, who's not a creep, One who's handsome, smart and strong. One who loves to listen long, One who thinks before he speaks, One who'll call, not wait for weeks. I pray he's gainfully employed, When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed. Pulls out my chair and opens my door. Massages my back and begs to do more. Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind, Knows what to answer to 'how big is my behind?' I pray that this man will love me to no end, And always be my very best friend.

A MAN'S POEM: I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with huge boobs and a nice ass who owns a bar on a golf course, and loves to send me fishing and drinking. This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit. The End


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Removing old updates from Windows Server Update Services(WSUS) | Windows Reference

Removing old updates from Windows Server Update Services(WSUS) Windows Reference

Adobe Flash to deliver NFL games?

BetaNews Adobe Flash to deliver NFL games in full:

Adobe Flash to deliver NFL games in full
By Tim Conneally, BetaNews
September 5, 2008, 6:51 PM

The National Football League, NBC Sports, and Adobe have announced their collaboration on Sunday Night Football Extra -- full-length live streams of NFL Sunday night football games.

Delivered in Adobe Flash, the games are promised to include the ability for viewers to change their camera angles, as well as access live statistics, in-game highlights, picture-in-picture views, and live blogs from color commentators.

Check out Sunday nights game to try it out.

I wonder if I'll be able to watch my Buffalo Bills?

DirecTV And TiVo Team Up Again!

DirecTV And TiVo Team Up Again -

DirecTV And TiVo Team Up Again
Melinda Peer, 09.03.08, 6:30 PM ET

Satellite TV service provider DirecTV and digital video recorder company TiVo are agreed to jointly develop a new high definition DVR, renewing a long and contentious partnership.

On Wednesday, the companies said they would develop and market a DVR designed for DirecTV's broadband-enabled high definition television service. The product is slated to hit store shelves in the second half of 2009.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Webroot Parental Controls - 3 user

Webroot Parental Controls - 3 user
List price: $39.95 price: $19.99
$15.00 Upgrade Rebate
$4.99 After Rebate

Webroot Parental Controls helps parents to manage family members' computer usage and protect them from harmful online content. Product highlights include: - Easy and intuitive interface gives you powerful controls in minutes, even if your kids know more about the PC than you do! - Block objectionable sites with the most effective Internet filtering system available - Monitor your child's computer and Internet activity with detailed reports - Manage Internet, program and computer access - no games during homework - Tough for even the most computer-savvy children to bypass, kill or circumvent - Free online and US based telephone support

Webroot Parental Controls - 3 user - 04311 -

XBOX 360 BABY!!!

Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium System – Recertified FREE BUDGET SHIPPING
List price: $349.99
SAVE $160.00 price: $189.99

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dexpot - virtual desktop mananger from SnapFiles

Dexpot virtual desktop mananger
Our Rating: (Excellent)

Dexpot allows you to create multiple, virtual desktops to increase the work area of your screen by up to 20 times. Each virtual desktop is independent from the others and can have its individual wallpaper, resolution, and icons (or no icons at all). You can easily switch between desktops from the tray icon, or via hotkey, or even use an automatic desktop slideshow that rotates all virtual desktops. In addition, you can move and copy windows from one desktop to another among the desktops, set up rules to automatically move, copy or close windows and more. Dexpot is one of the most advanced desktop managers out there, that is easy enough for beginners, but offers some great flexibility for more demanding users as well.

Dexpot download and review - virtual desktop mananger from SnapFiles

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

pptPlex - Power to the Powerpoint!

pptPlex is a research prototype developed by Microsoft Office Labs as an exploration of an alternative method of presenting Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 slides. This plug-in allows you to arrange slides on a canvas then zoom between the slides during the presentation. You can move around the canvas and show groups of slides, individual slides, or even zoom in to show a particular section of a slide.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin Fired City Employees For Not Supporting Her Reelection

Campaign Silo » Palin Fired City Employees For Not Supporting Her Reelection: "Looks like Palin is not above abusing her position to politicize government:

Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin fired the city's police chief and the library director without warning Thursday, accusing them of not fully supporting her efforts to govern. Irl Stambaugh and Mary Ellen Emmons said letters signed by Palin were dropped on their desks Thursday afternoon telling them their jobs were over as of Feb. 13 and that they no longer needed to report to work.

Police Chief Stambaugh was evidently fired because he did not support Palin for reelection, and sued her for breach of contract. He lost because a judge said Palin had the right to fire him for any reason."

Great, more people that think they are god. Just perfect. I give up on being a republican.

How to run a logon script one time when a new user logs on

You could automatically connect network shares and printers!

How to run a logon script one time when a new user logs on

Windows XP Logon and Passwords

Everything you wanted to know about XP profiles, usernames and passwords.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

MySpace Cofounder Tom Anderson Was A Real Life “WarGames” Hacker in 1980s

In 1985, when he was fourteen and in high school in Escondido, California, Anderson was subject to one of the largest FBI raids in California history after hacking into a Chase Manhattan Bank computer system and subsequently showing his friends how to do it.

MySpace Cofounder Tom Anderson Was A Real Life “WarGames” Hacker in 1980s

SharePoint Learning Kit

SharePoint Learning Kit - Home: "SharePoint Learning Kit is a SCORM 2004 certified e-learning delivery and tracking application built as a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 solution. It works with either Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and has the following core features:

Supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Class Server content, allowing users to store and manage this content in SharePoint document libraries.
Supports learner-centric and instructor-led (assigned) workflows.
Allows assignment, tracking and grading of both e-learning and non-e-learning content."

Ron Pauls' Message for the RNC

Western Standard: "Dubbed 'Operation St. Paul,' the goal was to raise funds and compile possible ads to place all over Minneapolis during the RNC. They have been successful. Here are a few images of the billboards and the 'high tide' video (to view it, follow this link) that is now playing at the Mall of America:"

Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain ensures democratic win!

BBC NEWS | Americas | McCain picks female running mate

Analysts say Mrs Palin may have been chosen by the McCain campaign as a tactic to win over those Democratic women voters who were disappointed by the defeat of Mrs Clinton by Mr Obama.

Mr Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, congratulated Mrs Palin on her nomination and said she would add a "compelling new voice" to the general election campaign.

"Her selection is yet another encouraging sign that old barriers are falling in our politics," their joint statement said.

Tim Pawlenty is crying...

New Windows Genuine authenticator can blank desktop backgrounds

BetaNews | New Windows Genuine authenticator can blank desktop backgrounds: "If in the last week or so you've noticed that your desktop background in Windows XP Professional goes completely black exactly every 60 minutes, don't worry, it's not a virus.

A blackened desktop is the latest indication that the Microsoft Genuine Advantage program has determined your copy of the operating system to be non-authentic, as a service of its latest version rolled out to XP Professional users this week."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Redferret nicked by Google's warning page!

Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for

What the heck?

One of my fav's got nicked with the Google Warning page!

To wit;

What is the current listing status for

Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.

Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days.

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 90 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 08/26/2008, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 08/26/2008.

Malicious software includes 3 trojan(s). Successful infection resulted in an average of 1 new processes on the target machine.

Malicious software is hosted on 2 domain(s), including (not listed here)

2 domain(s) appear to be functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site, including xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxxx

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

Has this site hosted malware?

No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

How did this happen?

In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation

nLite is a tool for pre-installation Windows configuration and component removal at your choice. Optional bootable image ready for burning on media or testing in virtual machines.
With nLite you will be able to have Windows installation which on install does not include, or even contain on media, the unwanted components.

  • Service Pack Integration
  • Component Removal
  • Unattended Setup
  • Driver Integration *
  • Hotfixes Integration **
  • Tweaks
  • Services Configuration
  • Patches ***
  • Bootable ISO creation

* - Textmode (CD Boot) and normal PnP
** - hotfixes with white icons, *KB*.exe, including update packs
and Internet Explorer 7
***- supports generic SFC, Uxtheme, TcpIp and Usb Polling patching.

nLite supports Windows 2000, XP x86/x64 and 2003 x86/x64 in all languages.
It needs .NET Framework 2.0 in order to run...

nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation - About

jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor

jEdit is a mature programmer's text editor with hundreds (counting the time developing plugins) of person-years of development behind it. To download, install, and set up jEdit as quickly and painlessly as possible, go to the Quick Start page.

While jEdit beats many expensive development tools for features and ease of use, it is released as free software with full source code, provided under the terms of the GPL 2.0.

The jEdit core, together with a large collection of plugins is maintained by a world-wide developer team.

jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor - overview

IZArc - The Ultimate Archive Utility - ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, UNZIP, UNRAR, ENCRYPTION

IZArc is the ultimate freeware archive utility supporting many archive formats like: 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, B64, BH, BIN, BZ2, BZA, C2D, CAB, CDI, CPIO, DEB, ENC, GCA, GZ, GZA, HA, IMG, ISO, JAR, LHA, LIB, LZH, MDF, MBF, MIM, NRG, PAK, PDI, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR, TAZ, TBZ, TGZ, TZ, UUE, WAR, XXE, YZ1, Z, ZIP, ZOO. With a modern easy-to-use interface, IZArc provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools. It allows you to drag and drop files from and to Windows Explorer, create and extract archives directly in Windows Explorer, create multiple archives spanning disks, creating self-extracting archives, repair damaged zip archives, converting from one archive type to another, view and write comments and many more. IZArc has also build-in multilanguage support.

With IZArc you can open CD image files like ISO, BIN, CDI and NRG. It is also possible to convert such files from one type to another (BIN to ISO, NRG to ISO).

If you need to send large files to your colleagues, friends or customers who may not have archiving tool you can easily create self-extracting archive that can be extracted by simple double click.

IZArc can be configured to run your preferred Anti-Virus scanner when you open any archives.

IZArc supports 256-bit AES encryption to secure your data.

IZArc is integrated in Windows so you can perform all archiving operations by using right-click menus in Windows Explorer.

If you have broken archives IZArc can help you to repair them with ease.

IZArc is 100% virus free and it doesn't contain any spyware or adware.

IZArc - The Ultimate Archive Utility - ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, UNZIP, UNRAR, ENCRYPTION