Friday, November 30, 2007

Found in a Daytipper tip today

Find who is selling your email address with Gmail If you have a gmail account, when signing up for things on websites you can add a + sign and any letters, with no spaces, to your email address and gmail will ignore all characters after the +. For example if your email is and you signed up at you could enter your email as Now if you get any spam being sent to you know that site has sold your email to a spammer.


I'll get those bastards yet+mf+bastards

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Study: Healthy School Lunches Don't Drop Sales

"The conventional wisdom that you can't serve healthier meals because kids won't eat them is false," said Benjamin Senauer, one of three economists who wrote the study.

Previous studies have concluded that students prefer fatty foods and that healthier meals cost more to make, the authors noted.

The study, which appears in the December issue of the Review of Agricultural Economics, analyzed five years of data for 330 Minnesota public school districts. It looked at compliance with federal standards for calories, nutrients and fats.

When the researchers crunched all the numbers they found that schools serving the healthiest lunches did not see a falloff in demand. - Study: Healthy School Lunches Don't Drop Sales

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My List of Daily Shop Stops!

My List of Daily Shop Stops! - ones I still think are active anyways

Tanga - Seems like games are their specialty...
Shnoop - Shnoop I like, low key and BALANCED...
ThingFling - My favorite site. They get more of my money than the others...
Woot! - The granddaddy daily deal site...
eWoobie - in Beta, Daily Deals, mostly toys...
ejectIT - Random and expensive products...
Stootsi - Hmmm.. Not sure yet on this one...They want everyone to have their newsletter
Dealsucker - Compilation of daily deals!
Boddit - My favorite site of compiled deals
Fruper - Another daily deal site!
Yugster - Great stuff, So-So prices...
IHavetoHaveThat - One ridiculously good deal at a time.
ChickChock - One day, One chance, One choice, Its ok, worth a visit...
Brandlet - Womens Fashions for less...
ComputerDealofTheDay - 90% computer systems, 10% Real Deals!
Froomb - Another collection of deals sites, depends on click thrus that my browser auto blocks...
CrazyMomDeals - Mostly cheap junk that sells at dollar stores.
DailySwag - Going out of business...
HermanStreet - No real deals found...

Want to add? Just comment below.

Friday, November 23, 2007

TV Fool

Have you ever wondered what television signals are being broadcast in your area? Perhaps you've recently purchased a new HDTV and you're looking for some High Definition content. Or maybe you're just looking for some additional sources to compliment your existing cable and/or satellite services.

Well, here's a tool that can analyze your location to help determine what FREE broadcasts might be available in your neighborhood.

TV Fool - Home

SEO Score from website grader

WebSite Grade For : 81/100 (November 23, 2007)

A website grade of 81 for means that of the thousands of websites that have previously been submitted to the tool, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 81% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over a dozen different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others.

The software is constantly being upgraded and the algorithm enhanced. The number of potential recommendations provided by the tool is also increasing frequently. Please check back often.

I'll take an 81!

The site needs some bugs worked out though. My Alexa rated the 12th most visited site. Which would be ridiculous!

Web Site Marketing SEO Tools, SEO Score

HDTV Pub - High Definition Hardware, local DTV information & more...

Regardless of where you live, you will find useful information about your HDTV experience here.

HDTV Pub - High Definition Hardware, local DTV information & more...

Minneapolis/St. Paul Area Digital TV And HDTV Cheat Sheet

John Weeks page has plenty of good information for your transition to digital TV with regards to the Twin Cities area.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Area Digital TV And HDTV Cheat Sheet: "Digital TV & HDTV Cheat Sheet"

Plan Would Ease Limits on Media Owners - New York Times

Kevin J. Martin, chairman of the commission, wants to repeal the rule in the next two months — a plan that, if successful, would be a big victory for some executives of media conglomerates.

Among them are Samuel Zell, the Chicago investor who is seeking to complete a buyout of the Tribune Company, and Rupert Murdoch, who has lobbied against the rule for years so that he can continue controlling both The New York Post and a Fox television station in New York.

Plan Would Ease Limits on Media Owners - New York Times

DTV doesn't want you to know this..

DTV should be VERY worried now that HD and digital tv signals are being received very clearly in 'rural' areas; DTV's bread and butter customers. Hell, cable companies should be scared too! The fees being charged for cable and satellite are out of hand.

Digital signals for metro transmitters are now strong enough to reach 50+ miles away. I recently found this out with a new TV and using the auto program feature on the tuner. (see my post on the inexpensive antenna on 11/14/07)

Imagine my surprise when ALL of my local channels had multiple digital offerings that came in beautifully without snow or interference!

Now that these signals are viewable in a wider range, I also believer that the FCC should continue enforcement of the rule that forbids a company to own both a newspaper and a television or radio station in the same city. Ideas and opinions central to a single owner of multiple media outlets will now be monopolistic throughout the new range or area, so I believe this law is MUCH more important than any time in the past.

If you own stock in DTV or its related companies, I would sell now.

DTV Offers Tivo Users An Upgrade And A Headache - Seeking Alpha

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Don't Let Architecture Astronauts Scare You - Joel on Software

While we're on this topic, lets explore the overpaid AA's....

"Sometimes smart thinkers just don't know when to stop, and they create these absurd, all-encompassing, high-level pictures of the universe that are all good and fine, but don't actually mean anything at all."

"It's very hard to get them to write code or design programs, because they won't stop thinking about Architecture. They're astronauts because they are above the oxygen level, I don't know how they're breathing. They tend to work for really big companies that can afford to have lots of unproductive people with really advanced degrees that don't contribute to the bottom line."

Don't Let Architecture Astronauts Scare You - Joel on Software

Pair Programming vs. Code Reviews

The idea is two developers work on the same machine. Both have keyboard and mouse. At any given time one is driver and the other navigator. The roles switch either every hour, or whenever really. The driver codes, the navigator is reading, checking, spell-checking and sanity testing the code, whilst thinking through problems and where to go next. If the driver hits a problem, there are two people to find a solution, and one of the two usually has a good idea.

If only one developer/programmer reads this, then my job is done.

Why can't Application Managers see past the outsource/hire more warm bodies issue and just embrace this method? Follow the link to read more.

Coding Horror: Pair Programming vs. Code Reviews

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mom: Web Hoax Led Girl to Kill Herself

Megan, a 13-year-old who suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder, corresponded with Josh for more than a month before he abruptly ended their friendship, telling her he had heard she was cruel.

The next day Megan committed suicide. Her family learned later that Josh never actually existed; he was created by members of a neighborhood family that included a former friend of Megan's.

If I could say one thing to parents of vulnerables, I would say "Limit the internet"...

Mom: Web Hoax Led Girl to Kill Herself

Mozambican baby born with two heads

"It is a male baby, with two heads, one of which is situated in the abdominal area," described Mario Ntembe, who said he had seen the newly born child.

Ntembe said that the second head had two eyes, two ears, a mouth and nose, but they were apparently not functioning.

Mozambican baby born with two heads - Yahoo! News

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Statistically Improbable Phrases - Got Buck?

Then the dog came out of the doghouse. The deer went over to the dog, and tried to mount the dog.

Click Here for the whole story...

Former pilots, officials call for UFO study - Space-

Most UFO sightings turn out to be misidentified aircraft, satellites or meteors. A panelist who once worked for Britain’s Ministry of Defense said 5 percent of incidents cannot be explained. But those sightings are often dismissed by authorities without proper investigations, UFO activists say.

“It’s a question of who you going to believe: your lying eyes or the government?” remarked John Callahan, a former Federal Aviation Administration investigator who said the CIA in 1987 tried to hush up the sighting of a huge lighted ball four times the size of a jumbo jet in Alaska.

The panel, organized by a group dedicated to winning credibility for the study of UFOs, urged Washington to resume UFO investigations through the U.S. Air Force or NASA.

“It would certainly, I think, take a lot of angst out of this issue,” said former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington, who said he was among hundreds who saw a delta-shaped craft with enormous lights silently traverse the sky near Phoenix in 1997.

Former pilots, officials call for UFO study - Space-

Terk Technology TV-1 Passive Indoor TV Antenna < $10

Best HD or DTV antenna for over the air signals PERIOD!

I've wasted a lot of money in the past two months on Antennas. This one is by far the best product per dollar ever spent.

I purchased powered units, flat plane units (Philips is nice) but this one gets the job done BETTER. Money well spent. I even went and bought an RJTech Digital Set Top box tuner for my 32" in the kitchen just so I could have good signals... Just so you know, I live about 50 miles from any broadcast antenna and this picks up ALL Minneapolis St Paul channels.... Even the weak channel 17-1 thru 5 signals.