Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Terk Technology TV-1 Passive Indoor TV Antenna < $10

Best HD or DTV antenna for over the air signals PERIOD!

I've wasted a lot of money in the past two months on Antennas. This one is by far the best product per dollar ever spent.

I purchased powered units, flat plane units (Philips is nice) but this one gets the job done BETTER. Money well spent. I even went and bought an RJTech Digital Set Top box tuner for my 32" in the kitchen just so I could have good signals... Just so you know, I live about 50 miles from any broadcast antenna and this picks up ALL Minneapolis St Paul channels.... Even the weak channel 17-1 thru 5 signals.


Anonymous said...

to call Tv-1 the best antenna is a good joke. Check out what others have too say about the terk stuff ...

Reboots DaMachina said...

Like I wrote in the post, I actually BOUGHT and TRIED a half dozen or more antennas, including other Terk models. THIS one actually WORKS. So, your comment about the TV-1 being a joke means nothing if you haven't actually tried it like I have. The other Terk models I have bought and used were barely tolerable. But your blanket comment is worthless without your having tested it.