Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ladies Home Journal Dec 1900 paleofuture paleo-future.jpg (image)

Looks like it could be faked, but who knows??? Some things are dead on, others are WAY off... Kinda funny.


Ladies+Home+Journal+Dec+1900+paleofuture+paleo-future.jpg (image)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Peruvian Meteorite Has Sci Fi Twist

There's an element of science fiction in the supposed meteorite that fell to Earth in Peru Saturday and was later associated to an odd illness in a nearby village. -- Peruvian Meteorite Has Sci Fi Twist

Peruvians get sick from apparent meteorite crater | U.S. | Reuters

After hearing a loud noise, people went to see what had happened and found a crater 65 feet wide and 22 feet deep on an uninhabited plateau near Carancas in the Puno region.

Experts from Peru's Geophysical Institute are on their way to the area 800 miles south of Lima to verify whether it was a meteorite.

"We've examined about 100 people who got near to the meteorite crater who have vomiting and headaches because of gasses coming out of there," Jorge Lopez, health director in Puno, told Reuters.

"People are scared," he said.

Lopez said people went to the site after hearing a crash that they thought might be an airplane.

"We ourselves went near the crater and now we've got irritated throats and itching noses," Lopez said.

The site is near the border with Bolivia and experts from San Andres university in La Paz said initial analyses of sand samples from the crater showed that it could be a meteorite, according to newspaper reports.

Peruvians get sick from apparent meteorite crater | U.S. | Reuters

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blogger Play

Best link I've ever given to you guys...

This shows all the recent photos uploaded to Blogger in the past fifteen minutes or so....

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Explorer Who Found Lost Peru Cities Dies

Dubbed the "real Indiana Jones" by People magazine, Savoy was credited with finding four of Peru's most important archaeological sites, including Vilcabamba, the last refuge of the Incas from the Spanish Conquistadors.

Hiram Bingham considered Machu Picchu to be the site of Vilcabamba after he discovered it in 1911 in the Peruvian Andes. But scientific consensus now points toward Espiritu Pampa as the Incas' last stronghold; Bingham also discovered that site but Savoy's excavation work in the mid-1960s found it to be a much larger settlement than originally realized.

In the next 40 years in the jungles of Peru, Savoy discovered more than 40 stone cities of a mysterious pre-Inca civilization known as the Chachapoyas. Among them were Gran Pajaten, Gran Vilaya and Gran Saposoa.

"Scientists thought the existence of these cities and settlements in the Peruvian rainforest was all a myth until my father found them," his son Sean Savoy said. "His discoveries opened up a whole new area of jungle archaeology that didn't exist before."

Explorer Who Found Lost Peru Cities Dies

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rally champion Colin McRae dies with son in helicopter crash - Times Online

The Times is reporting that former World Rally Champion Colin McRae has died after the helicopter he was piloting crashed into the ground near his home in Strathclyde. Also on board was his five year-old son, an unnamed adult male and child. According to reports, there were no survivors.

People close to McRae assert that he was as adept at piloting a helicopter as he was behind the wheel.

Rally champion Colin McRae dies with son in helicopter crash - Times Online

Torchwood - BBCA - 264

I've just seen a show called Torchwood. It was on BBCA - channel 264 on Directv I think. It is awesome!

More info from Wikipedia on the link.

Torchwood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Autumn Taste Walk

September 29, 2007

Hudson's historic downtown retail shops and restaurants offer food samplings. Enjoy cooking demonstrations, fashion shows, educational presentations, family entertainment, business booths, trolley rides, prize drawings and more. Website Event Listing - Autumn Taste Walk

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thruster May Shorten Mars Trip

TUSTIN, Calif., Sept. 7, 2007 -- An amplified photon thruster that could potentially shorten the trip to Mars from six months to a week has reportedly attracted the attention of aerospace agencies and contractors.

Young Bae, founder of the Bae Institute in Tustin, Calif., first demonstrated his photonic laser thruster (PLT), which he built with off-the-shelf components, in December.

The demonstration produced a photon thrust of 35 ┬ÁN and is scalable to achieve much greater thrust for future space missions, the institute said.

Thruster May Shorten Mars Trip

Friday, September 07, 2007

Spilled Apples

A few years ago a group of salesmen went to a regional sales convention in Chicago. They had assured their wives that they would be home in plenty of time for Friday night's dinner.

In their rush through the terminal, with tickets and briefcases, one of these salesmen inadvertently kicked over a table which held a display of apples. Apples flew everywhere. Without stopping or looking back, they all managed to reach the plane in time for their nearly missed boarding.

ALL BUT ONE!!! He paused, took a deep breath, got in touch with his feelings, and experienced a twinge of compassion for the girl whose apple stand had been overturned.

He told his buddies to go on without him, waved good-bye, told one of them to call his wife when they arrived at their home destination and explain his taking a later flight. Then he returned to the terminal where the apples were all over the terminal floor. He was glad he did.

The 16 year old girl was totally blind! She was softly crying, tears running down her cheeks in frustration, and at the same time helplessly groping for her spilled produce as the crowd swirled about her, no one stopping and no one to care for her plight.

The salesman knelt on the floor with her, gathered up the apples, put them back on the table and helped organize her display. As he did this, he noticed that many of them had become battered and bruised; these he set aside in another basket.

When he had finished, he pulled out his wallet and said to the girl, "Here, please take this $40 for the damage we did. Are you okay? She nodded through her tears. He continued on with, "I hope we didn't spoil your day too badly."

As the salesman started to walk away, the bewildered blind girl called out to him, "Mister...." He paused and turned to look back into those blind eyes. She continued, "Are you Jesus?"

He stopped in mid-stride, and he wondered. Then slowly he made his,way to catch the later flight with that question burning and bouncing about in his soul: "Are you Jesus?" Do people mistake you for Jesus? That's our destiny, is it not? To be so much like Jesus that people cannot tell the difference as we live and interact with a world that is blind to His love, life and grace. If we claim to know Him, we should live, walk and act as He would.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

How to Create a Rain Garden

Rain gardens come in many sizes and are useful in a variety of settings.There are lots of ways you can reduce water pollution, but rain gardens may be the most beautiful of them. A rain garden is like a bowl or basin in your yard that captures rainwater from your roof, sidewalks, and driveways, and allows it to soak into the soil instead of polluting local watersheds as stormwater runoff. As an added bonus, since rain gardens are planted with an assortment of native plants, they make an attractive, low-maintenance addition to your yard.

How to Create a Rain Garden - wikiHow

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

U.S. adventurer Steve Fossett missing in Nevada | Top News |

By William Albright

RENO, Nevada (Reuters) - U.S. millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett, who made record-breaking solo flights by plane and balloon, has disappeared over the Nevada desert after taking off in a small plane to scout sites for an attempt to set a world land speed record, authorities said on Tuesday.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Fossett, 63, was reported missing on Monday night after taking off from a ranch in a single-engine aircraft in the morning.

Ummmmmm, over Nevada you say? Gee it seems like the weather was ok.... Hmmm.. Maybe he was lost or something...

"It's rough, mountainous terrain there, there are not a lot of roads out there, rocky; picture if you will Afghanistan," Commander Douglas Russell of the Naval Air Station, Fallon, Nevada told Reuters.

At a news conference at Minden-Tahoe Airport about 47 miles south of Reno, officials said 13 aircraft were searching the desert for Fossett's plane. But increasing winds could cause the search to be called off for the day.

U.S. adventurer Steve Fossett missing in Nevada | Top News |

Monday, September 03, 2007

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Xbox 360 Platinum System w/20GB/Wireless controller/Headset Microsoft B4J-00001

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Iran 'reaches nuclear target' -

The U.N. Security Council had threatened a third round of sanctions against the country if it did not freeze the uranium enrichment program -- which Iran maintains is for peaceful energy purposes, but the U.S. says is to hide a weapons program.

Iran 'reaches nuclear target' -

So you’re about to be invaded by the United States.

This brings us to the final point, which is looting and smuggling. If you live in an area with any sort of cultural or historical endowment, you should be aware that after the invasion, if not sooner, very sophisticated foreign groups will be ranging over your area with shopping lists of valuable pieces of art and antiquities. They will be stealing these and spiriting them out of your area for sale to private parties outside the conflict zone. Museums and archeological sites will be prime targets. Of course, precious metals, precious gems, convertible currencies, and all other things of high value will also be looted and/or smuggled out of the country. The same routes used to smuggle drugs and slaves will be used to smuggle gold and other precious items.

So you’re about to be invaded by the United States.

» Papers Please: Arrested At Circuit City - www. Michael Righi .com

» Papers Please: Arrested At Circuit City - www. Michael Righi .com