Saturday, April 29, 2006

Man credits goose with helping him live longer

Man credits goose with helping him live longer - Pet Health -

The goose, called Mr. Waddles, is a feral domestic goose, a biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said, offering no explanation for the relationship that has developed between the goose and Lytle.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Similar Unexplained Sightings From Around the World

Author of �The Kelly Incident� Photographs UFO over Nevada Object Apparently Identical To Similar Unexplained Sightings From Around the World - Yahoo! News

The aircraft under Major Jasso’s command was first approached by a single sphere – then another – then by nine others. When pursued at the aircraft’s top speed of nearly 300 mph, the spheres appeared on sensors to flee at high speed, only to return when the C26A returned to its course and resumed its anti-drug-smuggling reconnaissance mission. During this 30-minute extended encounter, the crew reported each of the spheres’ actions in real time – by radio. In addition, read-outs from the aircraft’s radar and FLIR equipment were recorded digitally, as well as observed by the crew. But at no time were these spheres sighted visually by the crew, or by anyone on the ground.

“These sightings of similar – if not identical – silver spheres continue around the world even now,” said Anna Karyl. “We can only hope that eventually science will take an interest in the phenomenon, and begin a sincere effort to understand these unknowns. It could be the most important event in human history.”

Baklava? Soviet Underground Submarine Base

Architecture Portal News: Soviet Underground Submarine Base

Isn't Baklava a greek pastry?

Monday, April 24, 2006

FBI probing classified data leaks - Mueller: FBI probing classified data leaks

Now for a bit of irony....

"One law enforcement official said last week that dozens of leak investigations were underway. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is under investigation."

Sunday, April 23, 2006

How does Dyson make water go uphill?

BBC NEWS | UK | How does Dyson make water go uphill?: "Inventor James Dyson, he of the bagless vacuum cleaner, has stolen the headlines from the gardeners at this year's Chelsea Flower Show with his 'Wrong Garden'.
A set of four glass ramps positioned in a square clearly show water travelling up each of them before it pours off the top, only to start again at the bottom of the next ramp. "

Subterranean Cities

Damn Interesting Subterranean Cities

They spent the rest of the day exploring miles and miles of abandoned rooms and corridors. Everything worked… the lights all responded to their switches, the tunnels were air-conditioned, and the conveyor belts could be turned on (which saved the two chaps a lot of walking). There were railways which led off into long tunnels. But there was no sign that anyone had been there in years, it seemed utterly deserted.

It wasn't until later that Nick McCamley learned where he and his friend had spent their day of adventure… a place called Monkton Farleigh. It has originally been a limestone mine, but during World War 2 it had been converted into an ammunition storage facility. Its tunnels were carved into about 200 acres worth of area, and it had its own electric plant. It was served by a network of railways, including (reportedly) a 160km stretch which connected to the heart of London. A couple of years before Nick and his friend had found it, it had been completely abandoned by the British Ministry of Defense. Nick ended up writing about his experience, and about other underground installations, in his book Secret Underground Cities.

And from Dave:

This reminds me of the Project Greek Island bunker:

World of Warcraft Updating System - 521kb

FileForum | WoWus: "WoWus (World of Warcraft Updating System) helps you keep up-to-date with the latest add-ons by scanning your add-ons folder and displaying any relevant updates that are required. You can choose which updates to apply and WoWus will then download and install them for you - all with the click of a button. It also has add-on management features and back-up support for updated add-ons."

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Marc Echo Graffiti Watch the videos!

Panty thief Scholfield goes to jail

Panty thief goes to jail
By Lindsey Schuldt
News Editor

Most women and men would admit that they enjoy a cute pair of
panties as much as the next person. One former student at the
University of Wisconsin-Stout took this thought to a whole new level.

On Friday, April 7, Anthony Scholfield, 25, the infamous panty thief
of UW-Stout, was sentenced to one year in jail for stealing women's

Although facing a possible sentence of 18 years in prison,
Scholfield got a rather light sentencing. He will also have to
undergo 10 years of probation as commanded by the Dunn County
Circuit Court.

"It sure could have been a lot worse," said Peter Morin,
Scholfield's attorney. "It's a difficult crime."

Scholfield was caught and charged with stealing 854 pairs of thong
style underwear in 2003 and found guilty of burglary and theft.

Then, in February, he was caught breaking into another home and
stealing more of the underwear.

The police raided his home and found the newly stolen underwear
above a tile in his ceiling. Scholfield had gotten off of probation
from his previous crime only days before the second burglary.

Scholfield will now be forced to register as a sex offender because
of the crimes occurring so closely together and being the exact same
in nature.

Dunn County District Attorney Kris Cusick believes that Scholfield
should be considered a sexual predator and this is why he must
register as a sex offender.

Another part of his punishment was to undergo sex offender treatment
and pay a $2,500 fine on top of the court charges he is already

At interviews following his initial arrest in 2003, Scholfield
admitted to being involved in two of the three previous burglaries
of 1220 6th St. E. He later admitted to involvement in the third as

At each of these burglaries, Scholfield admitted to taking close to
70 pairs of women's underpants in each trip to the house.

During other interviews conducted by Michael Mason at the Dunn
County Jail, Scholfield admitted to having a fetish for women's

This time span included Scholfield's stay on the 2nd floor of Wigen
Hall in January 2000 where he said he began stealing women's
underpants. He said they were taken from random rooms that were
either open or unlocked. He would enter these rooms and search the
room for the garments he desired to take.

Scholfield also told Mason that through the use of Internet
chatrooms, he had negotiated the exchange of a pair of his boxers
for a pair of the woman's underpants in return. He believes he had
received one or two pairs through this method.

Dan Nevers, a professor of Criminal Justice at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison, said that this case is more than just a
simple "panty raid."

"People develop sexual attractions," said Nevers. "For most of us,
the attractions are legal and we control them to avoid victimizing
others. Others go beyond the line of social acceptability and some,
as in this case, engage in criminality."

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


9-11 FACT SHEET: "In the few days preceding 9/11/01, the Chicago Board Options Exchange showed an extraordinarily high rate of put options (a bet that the stock price of a given company will lose value) purchased for United Airlines, (4744) and American Airlines, (4516) as well as for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Merril Lynch, both of which occupied 22 floors in the World Trade Center. This represents six times the number of usual put options. It is estimated that the profits from these put options exceeds 10 million dollars, some of which has not been claimed. U.S. officials have refused to release the records that may implicate the investors.

An ongoing investigation by the Security and Exchange Commission joined by a U.S. Secret Service probe shows purchases of exceptionally large numbers of five-year U.S. Treasury notes just prior to the attacks on 9/11/01: U.S. Treasury notes are among the best investments in the event of a crisis, especially one that hits the U.S. Among the transactions was a single 5 billion dollar trade!"

Monday, April 17, 2006

The red rain phenomenon of Kerala and its possible extraterrestrial origin

An analysis of this strange phenomenon further shows that the conventional atmospheric transport processes like dust storms etc. cannot explain this phenomenon. The electron microscopic study of the red particles shows fine cell structure indicating their biological cell like nature.

[astro-ph/0601022] The red rain phenomenon of Kerala and its possible extraterrestrial origin

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ethanol plant proposed for Springfield

I think I just thought of a script for a 'Simpsons' episode... Hmmmm..

Ethanol plant proposed for Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Minn. — There are plans for another ethanol plant in Minnesota, this time in this southwestern Minnesota town.

U.S. BioEnergy said Thursday it has obtained land where it hopes to build a 100-megawatt natural-gas-fired ethanol plant.

The project could consume as many as 37 million bushels of corn and bring 40 jobs to Springfield.

The land is along U.S. Highway 14, near the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Rail line.

The company said construction is contingent on zoning, permitting, tax incentives and financing.

U.S. BioEnergy has two ethanol plants currently under construction — one in Iowa, another in Michigan.

Ex-General Denies Effort to Oust Rumsfeld

Batiste, who commanded the 1st Infantry Division forces in Iraq, said he declined an opportunity to get a promotion to the rank of lieutenant general and return to the wartorn country as the No. 2 U.S. military officer because he could not accept Rumsfeld's tough management style.

He said he does not believe Rumsfeld has been sufficiently accountable for the plan that led to the invasion of Iraq and the ouster of Saddam Hussein, although he also said that "we have no option but to succeed in Iraq."

"I support civilian control (of the military) completely," Batiste told interviewers on CBS's "The Early Show."

But, he added, "we went to war with a flawed plan that didn't account for the hard work to build the peace after we took down the regime. We also served under a secretary of defense who didn't understand leadership, who was abusive, who was arrogant, and who didn't build a strong team."

Ex-General Denies Effort to Oust Rumsfeld - Yahoo! News

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Special reports | General joins attack on Rumsfeld

The Pentagon yesterday faced a deepening rift between its civilian and military leadership over the war on Iraq after a fourth retired general called for the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, to stand down.
In the latest in a torrent of criticism centred on the Pentagon chief, Major General John Batiste, who led a division in Iraq, said Mr Rumsfeld's authoritarian leadership style had made it more difficult for professional soldiers. "We need leadership up there that respects the military as they expect the military to respect them. And that leadership needs to understand teamwork," he told CNN on Wednesday.

Gen Batiste's comments were especially startling because he is so closely associated with the civilian leadership, having served as an aide to one of the architects of the war, the former deputy Pentagon chief Paul Wolfowitz.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | General joins attack on Rumsfeld over Iraq war

TiVo Wins Damages in Suit Vs. EchoStar: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

TiVo got most of the $87 million in damages it sought in a case that one of its lawyers called "life or death" for the company that was among the first to sell devices to pause and rewind live television.

The case in U.S. District Court in Marshall was closely watched on Wall Street, with some analysts even dropping in during the two-week trial. They said a victory would help TiVo win other royalty deals involving digital video recorders (DVRs).

News of the verdict sent TiVo shares soaring nearly 20 percent, or $1.60, to $9.65 in late-session electronic trading.

TiVo Wins Damages in Suit Vs. EchoStar: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Julie!

Happy Happy... Birthday Birthday!

Hertz Rent-a-Shelby is back - Apr. 12, 2006

Hertz Rent-a-Shelby is back - Apr. 12, 2006: "You can't buy them, only rent them. Black and gold Shelby Mustangs will be available at Hertz locations only."

TiVo Shares Up on Partnership Extension with DirecTV

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- Shares of TiVo Inc. rose more than 5 percent Wednesday morning after the digital video recording pioneer announced it had extended a partnership with satellite TV provider DirecTV Group Inc. for another three years.

Under the agreement, DirecTV will continue to provide TiVo service to its existing subscribers. Both companies also extended their advertising relationship and agreed not to assert patent rights against each other.

The companies didn't disclose specific financial terms of the deal but said the economics were similar to their 2003 agreement.

TiVo's revolutionary technology lets people record television without the hassles of video tapes. Users can pause live TV, do instant replays and begin watching programs even before the recording has finished.

TiVo had about 4.4 million subscribers as of January, but 2.8 million of them were DirecTV subscribers who bought the satellite company's TiVo-based receivers.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Message from God

One day God was looking down at earth and saw all of the rascally behavior that was going on. So he called one of his angels and sent the angel to earth for a time. When he returned, he told God, "Yes, it is bad on Earth; 95% are misbehaving and only 5% are not." God thought for a moment and said, "Maybe I had better send down a second angel to get another opinion."

So God called another angel and sent him to earth for a time, too. When the angel returned he went to God and said, "Yes, it's true. The earth is in decline; 95% are misbehaving, but 5% are being good." God was not pleased so he decided to e-mail the 5% who were good, because He wanted to encourage them, give them a little something to help them keep going.

Do you know what the e-mail said?


Okay, just wondering. I didn't get one either.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Eminem divorcing wife Kim -- again - Apr 5, 2006

Their first marriage ended after two-plus years in October 2001 in an ugly legal fight that included a custody battle over their daughter, Hailie.

Though the marital issues of most rappers wouldn't make headlines, Eminem has used his tormented relationship with Kim, his high school sweetheart, as a source of his most popular and demented rhymes. - Eminem divorcing wife Kim -- again - Apr 5, 2006