Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tanks appear in Bangkok!

Tanks appear in Bangkok. Thailand calls state of emergency (reddit.com): "overall status report @ 3:11

I'm going to sleep. Dead tired. Here is a brief summary of things.

It is the middle of the night here. Soldiers have taken over all important political outposts in Bangkok. Tanks and armed guards can be seen everywhere. Traffic is still allowed to flow, though few will doubt that this is probably one of the worst times to travel.

All television channels are currently broadcasting the same stuff over and over: patriotic videos dedicated to HMKing that were used in previous coups. (It should be noted that the King Himself has absolutely nothing to do with this). New announcements are made from time to time, generally replayed twice or thrice for each, in alternative with the announcement screen (white text on blue screen of coup). Cable TV is still down, disconnecting the majority of the citizens from most, if not all trustworthy news sources.

Cellphones and Internet are up by now. It is somewhat unlikely that they will be severed again.

The coup currently holds full control over the country's governmental power, notably the prime minister's and ministers'. The Constitution has been trashed. The whole country is effectively under the martial law. As if those aren't bad enough; the flood in the northern Thailand and terrorism in the southern haven't gotten any better at all. Universities are suspended indefinitely. Banks and stock markets will take a break tomorrow.

I hope to see you then."

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