Saturday, April 22, 2006

Panty thief Scholfield goes to jail

Panty thief goes to jail
By Lindsey Schuldt
News Editor

Most women and men would admit that they enjoy a cute pair of
panties as much as the next person. One former student at the
University of Wisconsin-Stout took this thought to a whole new level.

On Friday, April 7, Anthony Scholfield, 25, the infamous panty thief
of UW-Stout, was sentenced to one year in jail for stealing women's

Although facing a possible sentence of 18 years in prison,
Scholfield got a rather light sentencing. He will also have to
undergo 10 years of probation as commanded by the Dunn County
Circuit Court.

"It sure could have been a lot worse," said Peter Morin,
Scholfield's attorney. "It's a difficult crime."

Scholfield was caught and charged with stealing 854 pairs of thong
style underwear in 2003 and found guilty of burglary and theft.

Then, in February, he was caught breaking into another home and
stealing more of the underwear.

The police raided his home and found the newly stolen underwear
above a tile in his ceiling. Scholfield had gotten off of probation
from his previous crime only days before the second burglary.

Scholfield will now be forced to register as a sex offender because
of the crimes occurring so closely together and being the exact same
in nature.

Dunn County District Attorney Kris Cusick believes that Scholfield
should be considered a sexual predator and this is why he must
register as a sex offender.

Another part of his punishment was to undergo sex offender treatment
and pay a $2,500 fine on top of the court charges he is already

At interviews following his initial arrest in 2003, Scholfield
admitted to being involved in two of the three previous burglaries
of 1220 6th St. E. He later admitted to involvement in the third as

At each of these burglaries, Scholfield admitted to taking close to
70 pairs of women's underpants in each trip to the house.

During other interviews conducted by Michael Mason at the Dunn
County Jail, Scholfield admitted to having a fetish for women's

This time span included Scholfield's stay on the 2nd floor of Wigen
Hall in January 2000 where he said he began stealing women's
underpants. He said they were taken from random rooms that were
either open or unlocked. He would enter these rooms and search the
room for the garments he desired to take.

Scholfield also told Mason that through the use of Internet
chatrooms, he had negotiated the exchange of a pair of his boxers
for a pair of the woman's underpants in return. He believes he had
received one or two pairs through this method.

Dan Nevers, a professor of Criminal Justice at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison, said that this case is more than just a
simple "panty raid."

"People develop sexual attractions," said Nevers. "For most of us,
the attractions are legal and we control them to avoid victimizing
others. Others go beyond the line of social acceptability and some,
as in this case, engage in criminality."


Anonymous said...

"At each of these burglaries, Scholfield admitted to taking close to 70 pairs of women's underpants in each trip to the house."....Who owns that much underwear?

Anonymous said...

I wondered the same thing... Almost like they were 'baiting' the perv..