Wednesday, April 19, 2006


9-11 FACT SHEET: "In the few days preceding 9/11/01, the Chicago Board Options Exchange showed an extraordinarily high rate of put options (a bet that the stock price of a given company will lose value) purchased for United Airlines, (4744) and American Airlines, (4516) as well as for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Merril Lynch, both of which occupied 22 floors in the World Trade Center. This represents six times the number of usual put options. It is estimated that the profits from these put options exceeds 10 million dollars, some of which has not been claimed. U.S. officials have refused to release the records that may implicate the investors.

An ongoing investigation by the Security and Exchange Commission joined by a U.S. Secret Service probe shows purchases of exceptionally large numbers of five-year U.S. Treasury notes just prior to the attacks on 9/11/01: U.S. Treasury notes are among the best investments in the event of a crisis, especially one that hits the U.S. Among the transactions was a single 5 billion dollar trade!"

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