Thursday, January 26, 2006

Notebook backup solution

The award-winning ABSplus Automatic Backup System is the only complete software and hardware solution designed for novice and high-tech users alike offering instant disaster recovery and a bootable, removable hard drive. Simply connect the ABSplus to your notebooks PC Card (PCMCIA) slot and a full backup is automatically initiated. Upon initial connection, the ABSplus software makes a complete backup of all files, applications, and operating system on your computer. This creates a bootable ABSplus drive. Subsequent backups are incremental making consistent backup hassle-free. Each time the unit is plugged in, the ABSplus automatically scans your source drive and copies only those files that have been changed or newly created since the last backup was performed. All data is saved in Native File Format enabling easy access to all of your data. Recover lost files, folders, or volumes effortlessly. The ABSplus Restore program allows users to view files contained on the ABSplus hard drive that are missing from the users source drive. The user simply highlights the items to be restored and clicks Restore. All data is restored to its pre-loss location. The ABSplus backup solution provides easy recovery from even the worst data catastrophes. Simply connect the ABSplus and drag-and-drop any missing files or folders back to your computer. Connect the ABSplus to any PC computer for immediate access to all your data files, allowing you to keep working even when your computer doesn't. The ABSplus is designed to allow you to replace your failed computer hard drive with the hard drive inside your ABSplus. The ABSplus was designed for multipurpose use; backup and/or mobile external storage. Users can even partition the ABSplus drive for multiple system backups or separate data sets. The pocket-sized ABSplus is perfect for mobile use. Carry it in a shirt pocket, computer case, or luggage. With a non-operating shock up to 1400G's it can withstand even the most extreme travel conditions.

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