Monday, January 02, 2006

Los Angeles Times: Bad Bambi

GO TO THE INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE of your choice. Type in 'aggressive deer,' oxymoronic though it sounds. Prepare to be amazed.

Those soft-eyed creatures, who seemingly could do no greater harm than eating tulips, who look so sweet and startled as they graze by the roadside in family groups, are a scary bunch of mammals. This fall, five Californians were gored at their homes by deer. One, an elderly man in a suburb of San Diego, died. Helena, Mont., has roving urban gangs of hundreds of troublemaking deer. Four were shot after they wouldn't let a newspaper carrier walk his route. Wildlife officials say complaints are increasing."

There used to be a gang of about 8-10 by my house, but hunting season may have thinned them out a bit. They used to hang out in my front yard at night. Did you know they make some really weird noises too? Snorts and chuckles and other weird sounds...

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