Thursday, March 31, 2005

TOP500 Supercomputer List 11/2004

TOP500 List 11/2004

Sunday, March 27, 2005



Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News

Fri Mar 25, 7:39 PM ET

By EMILY FREDRIX, Associated Press Writer
It's not that Sam Kimery objects to the views expressed on Fox News. The creator of the 'Fox Blocker' contends the channel is not news at all. Kimery figures he's sold about 100 of the little silver bits of metal that screw into the back of most televisions, allowing people to filter Fox News from their sets, since its August debut.

The Tulsa, Okla., resident also has received thousands of e-mails, both angry and complimentary ? as well as a few death threats.
'Apparently the making of terroristic threats against those who don't share your views is a high art form among a certain core audience,' said Kimery, 45.

Formerly a registered Republican, even a precinct captain, Kimery became an independent in the 1990s when he said the state party stopped taking input from its everyday members."

Friday, March 25, 2005

Freak wind at art show, artists; 1 person hurt

Freak storm buffets art show, artists; 1 person hurt: "Freak storm buffets art show, artists; 1 person hurt



SIESTA KEY -- Michael Parker thought he was the lucky one. Rain and heavy wind gusts that ruined an arts and crafts show at Siesta Public Beach on Wednesday had spared his tent full of stained glass and jewelry.

But the worst of the wind was yet to come, and Parker was grasping the frame of another crafter's tent when a gust blew him and another man several feet into the air."

Thursday, March 24, 2005

'Seinfeld' Actor Barney Martin Dies at 82


'Seinfeld' Actor Barney Martin Dies at 82: "LOS ANGELES - Barney Martin, a former New York City detective who went into show business and became best known for playing Jerry Seinfeld's father Morty on the comedian's hit television series, has died. He was 82."

This chili has something extra!

SAN JOSE, Calif. - A woman's meal at a Wendy's restaurant brought a whole new meaning to the term "finger food." The woman bit into a portion of a human finger while eating a bowl of chili Tuesday night at the San Jose restaurant, Santa Clara County health officials said Wednesday.

The woman, who asked officials not to identify her, immediately spit out the finger and warned other diners to stop eating, witnesses said.

"Initially she did put this object in her mouth and did bite down on it and wasn't sure exactly what it was," Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Martin Fenstersheib said at a news conference. "She's doing OK. Initially she was a bit grossed out it was described to me, and vomited a number of times."

Fenstersheib said the finger had been cooked at a high enough temperature to kill any viruses.
Officials said the fingertip was approximately 1 3-8-inches long and a half-inch piece of fingernail was also found. They believe it belongs to a woman because of the long, manicured nail.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Woman Claims She Was Sprayed by Jet Fuel

TAMPA, Fla. - A woman who lives four miles south of Tampa International Airport claimed she was sprayed by fuel dumped from a jet flying low over her neighborhood. The accusation was denied by both airport and federal officials.

Vicki Morris, 51, a real estate agent, said she was on her daily walk Monday night when the alleged incident occurred. She said she heard a whooshing sound, consistent with a plane hovering overhead, and then felt a mist accompanied by a strong fuel odor.

'It was like someone had poured kerosene to start a fire,' said Morris, who said she had difficulty breathing and experienced tingling of her skin and scalp after the incident."


Chris Griffin, 31, poses beside the half-ton wild hog he shot near Alapaha, Ga., in a file photo from June 17, 2004. Residents of this south Georgia town breathed a collective sigh of vindication Monday after a National Geographic (news - web sites) documentary confirmed that their legendary super swine Hogzilla was indeed real, and really, really big. (AP Photo/River Oak Plantation, File)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Supernatural beings causing jail deaths?

Sun.Star Cebu - Supernatural beings causing jail deaths?

Authorities have a medical explanation for this, but provincial inmates believe supernatural beings are causing the deaths and illnesses inside the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC).

Gripped by fear over the “strange” incidents inside the new prison, the inmates welcomed and participated in yesterday’s mass and blessing officiated by Fr. John Llacuno, who also led prayers and rites to “exorcise” the place of bad spirits.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

UXN Spam Combat

UXN Spam Combat
The PLACE to go to look up spammers...

Third-Grader Commutes to School by Mule named Ruth

BISMARCK, N.D. - Saje Beard's half-hour commute to class is the envy of her four classmates at a one-room schoolhouse just south of here. Most mornings, the third-grader makes the trek on Ruth the mule.

"She's called many things, but Ruth is what we call her in public," Saje said of the 4-year-old gray mule. "Actually, that's my dad's joke. She's really nice and gentle. And she sure is smart."

Saje, 9, is an old hand at maneuvering mules. She's been doing it since she was in first grade.

"I feel more safe with her riding a mule than having her ride in a car or on a bus," said her father, Marty Beard.

At the Manning School, about 15 miles south of the North Dakota capital, Saje "parks" Ruth by tying her with a bowline to a tree near swing sets and monkey bars. Ruth then gets some leather hobbles attached to her front legs, a routine Saje began after her other mule, Shirley, got loose and ran home from school last year.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Don't Shoot the Cat

I like the birds too. I say if it gets out, its fair game. Same with dogs that are knocking over garbage or eating road kill. Or parrots for that matter. Even pet monkees should be shot if they are loitering around your garbage can or SUV.

Friday, March 04, 2005



Cat Survives 10-Mile Trip on Top of Car

INKOM, Idaho

Torri Hutchinson's cat might just have one less life to live. Hutchison was driving along Interstate 15 one day recently when a motorist kept trying to get her attention and pointing to the roof of her car.

She said she was wary of the man, but wondered if perhaps her ski rack might have come loose.

She pulled over to the side, but kept her doors locked and the motor running.

The man pulled up behind her. Hutchinson rolled down her window to hear the man frantically shouting, 'Your cat! Your cat!'

He reached for the roof of her car and handed the shocked Hutchinson her orange tabby.

She had driven about 10 miles with the cat on top of the car, and didn't even notice the feline when she stopped for gas.

Hutchinson said Cuddle Bug, or C.B. for short, had climbed into the back of her car as she was getting ready to leave. She put him out, but he must have jumped on the roof while she wasn't looking, she said. "

I Copy DVDs 2 (Promo)

Does this program work? Anybody?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Everything Jeep!


Ahhh Love. Check this out if you are in the mood.

Check out the flash animation. I love love. Do you love love?

Amery, WI - Body found in ashes following “suspicious” fire

AMERY – Authorities still have no positive identification of a body discovered in what they believe to be a suspicious fire which destroyed a home in the town of Lincoln Friday morning, Feb. 25.

Lt. Tim Moore of the Polk County Sheriff’s Department said teeth from the victim were recovered but that the case may require going beyond identification through dental records.

Meanwhile, the apparent family members of the victim placed an obituary Monday in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, against the counsel of the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Ann Hraychuck said the obituary listed the cause of death as Huntington’s Disease, which she said is not accurate.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Archaeologists Uncover Bead-Covered Mummy

By JAMIE TARABAY, Associated Press Writer

SAQQARA, Egypt - Archaeologists uncovered three coffins and a remarkably well-preserved mummy in a 2,500-year old tomb discovered by accident — after opening a secret door hidden behind a statue in a separate burial chamber, Egypt's chief archaeologist said Wednesday.

The Australian team was exploring a much older tomb — dating back 4,200 years — belonging to a man believed to have been a tutor to the 6th Dynasty King Pepi II, when they moved a pair of statues and discovered the door, said Zahi Hawass, Egypt's top antiquities official.

Inside, they found a tomb from the 26th Dynasty with three intricate coffins, each with a mummy.

"Inside one coffin was maybe one of the best mummies ever preserved," Hawass told reporters at the excavation site in the cemetery of Saqqara, a barren hillside pocked with ancient graves about 15 miles south of Cairo.

"The chest of the mummy is covered with beads. Most of the mummies of this period — about 500 B.C. — the beads are completely gone, but this mummy has them all," he said, standing over one of the mummies that was swathed in turquoise blue beads and bound in strips of black linen.

The names of the mummies have not been determined, but the tomb is thought to be that of a middle-class official.

Hawass said the wooden coffins, called anthropoids because they were in the shape of human beings, bore inscriptions dating to the 26th Dynasty, together with a statue of a deity called Petah Sakar. Petah was the god of artisans, Hawass said, while Sakar was the god of the cemetery.

The door was hidden behind 4,200-year-old statues of a man believed to have been Meri, the tutor of Pepi II, and Meri's wife, whose name was not revealed.

Meri also was believed to oversee four sacred boats found in the pyramids, which were buried with Egypt's kings to help them in the afterlife, Hawass said.

"I believe this discovery can enrich us about two important periods in our history, the Old Kingdom, which dates back to 4,200 years, and the 26th Dynasty, that was 2,500 years ago," Hawass said.

According to tradition, Pepi II — the last ruler of the 6th Dynasty — ruled from 2278-2184 B.C., one of the longest reigns in ancient Egyptian history.

Naguib Kanawati, the head of the Australian team from Sydney's Macquarie University, said the site had fallen into neglect after Pepi II's rule and was covered by 50 feet of sand, until it was used again as a cemetery 2,600 years later.

"By that time the art of mummification was perfected to the extreme," Kanawati said.

Archaeologists would begin tests on the mummies to learn more about their medical conditions, including using CT scans, as they were presently doing on King Tutankhamun, Hawass said. The results of Tut's scans will be revealed next week, he said.