Saturday, December 17, 2005

Marlie Casseus

Marlie Casseus, 14, a Haitian girl who has a 16-pound (7.26 kg) tumor-like growth on her face, is shown in this undated handout photograph.

Casseus, who has a genetic condition that causes deformity in her bones, has undergone surgery on December 14, 2005 at Holtz Children's Hospital , part of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center in Florida. Casseus' case received global media attention, motivating thousands of people from across the globe to donate to the International Kids Fund which is sponsoring her medical care at the public hospital, part of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center.


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Fri Dec 16, 4:02 PM ET

MIAMI (AFP) - A 14-year-old Haitian girl was doing "extremely well" after doctors in Miami removed a 4.5-kilo (nine-pound) tumor-like growth from her face during a 16-hour operation, the lead surgeon said.

Four doctors were involved in the complex 16-hour surgery on Marlie Casseus, whose face had been so swollen that only her eyes, nostrils and a tooth could be recognized.

"I'm happy she's out of her misery," the girl's mother, Maleine Antoine, said, recalling the "large, monstrous mass" that disfigured her daughter.

Jesus Gomez, the maxillofacial surgeon leading the operation at the Jackson Memorial Hospital, told reporters: "Marlie is doing extremely well."

He said a 4.5-kilo growth was removed during the operation.

The girl is now able to breathe on her own without the help of a ventillator, and she should eventually be able to eat without a feeding tube, Gomez said.

But she does need to undergo three more operations, to reconstruct her jaw, her nose and her face, he said.

The International Kids Fund charity had raised the estimated 95,000 dollars needed for the operation conducted this week.

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