Tuesday, December 20, 2005

High Volume xml-xsl to pdf generation

Built on standard technology and developed with high quality and reliability, XMLMill allows you to generate PDF documents from XML data, combined with XSL and XSLT. XMLMill is 100% build in Java and any JAXP xml-parser and xslt-transformer. It uses Apache's Log4j standard for logging.

XMLMill is especially suited for high volume xml/xsl to pdf generation:

large PDF documents (1000+ pages).
large number of PDF documents (in batch).
multi-threading ready.
XMLMill for Java can be used in:

stand-alone Java applications (using the PDX api).
JSP pages.
It can also be used:

as a stand-alone application (own gui front-end).
in batch (using command-line arguments).
XML and XSL sources can be passed to XMLMill in a variety of ways:

as java.io.File objects.
as java.io.InputStream objects.
via a java.net.URL objects.
as org.w3c.dom.Document objects.
XMLMill has been deployed in production environment on a variety of O/S, including:

Windows NT, 2000, XP.
Solaris 8,9.
Different UNIX/Linux flavors.
XMLMill has been deployed succesfully on different Application servers, including:


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