Thursday, November 24, 2005

Woman Spends 3 Hours In Woods For Dumping Kittens

Cold, Snow Forces Woman Back To Cell

UPDATED: 1:02 pm CST November 24, 2005

PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- Cold and snow forced an Ohio woman sentenced to spend a night in the woods for dumping 33 kittens back to jail.

Michelle Murray, 25, a former animal rescuer, was convicted of animal cruelty last month.

Judge Michael Cicconetti sentenced Murray to spend the night in the woods without food or light. He said he wanted her to feel the same pain as the kittens she neglected.

Murray spent about three hours in the woods before she was allowed to go back to a cell.

She will now finish her 15-day jail sentence.

Murray said family problems forced her to abandon the kittens. Park rangers originally found 33 kittens, but many have since died.

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