Thursday, October 20, 2005

Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Intuitor Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics


In the name of physics decency, to protect the minds of children everywhere, so that they may grow up in a world where they know the difference between speed and velocity, we have taken the responsibility to rate movies for their portrayal of excessively bad physics. The system is as follows:

* GP = Good physics in general

* PGP = Pretty good physics (just enough flaws to be fun)

* PGP-13 = Children under 13 might be tricked into thinking the physics were pretty good; parental guidance is suggested

* RP = Retch

* XP = Obviously physics from an unknown universe

* NR = Unrated. When a movie is obviously a parody, fantasy, cartoon or is clearly based on a comic book it can't be rated but may still have some interesting physics worth discussing.

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