Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Los Angeles Times: From Patriot to Proliferator

From Patriot to Proliferator

The myth of a Pakistani scientist as his nation's savior long protected him. It took his peddling of atomic know-how to shred it.

By Douglas Frantz

September 23, 2005

In spring 2000, Lt. Gen. Syed Mohammad Amjad was in his office at Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau when one of his senior investigators delivered the report he was dreading.

The bureau had been created six months earlier to root out corruption among bureaucrats, politicians and the business elite. Amjad, a career army officer known for his integrity, was given authority to arrest anyone.

The investigator had been quietly verifying the contents of a 700-page dossier on Abdul Qadeer Khan, the scientist whose reputation as the father of Pakistan's atomic bomb made him the country's most revered figure.

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