Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hostage Gave Meth to Atlanta Fugitive

Hostage Gave Meth to Atlanta Fugitive - Yahoo! News

ATLANTA - Ashley Smith, the woman who says she persuaded suspected courthouse gunman Brian Nichols to release her by talking about her faith, discloses in a new book that she gave him methamphetamine during the hostage ordeal.

Smith did not share that detail with authorities at the time. But investigators said she came clean about the drugs when they interviewed her months later. They said they have no plans to charge her with drug possession.

In her book, "Unlikely Angel," released Tuesday, Smith says Nichols had her bound on her bed with masking tape and an extension cord. She says he asked for marijuana, but she did not have any, and she dug into her illegal stash of crystal meth instead.

I guess you do what you got to do...

If that happens to me, I'll dig into my Reese's and Hershey's stash.

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