Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dick's Market Deli in Amery

Review: Dick's Market Deli

Picked up groceries today and thought I would grab lunch at the deli. Noticed they had ribs today. Yumm.

Got home after a bit so had to warm them up. The lunch 'snack' had two ribs, a roll, ham and cheese salad, jojo's.

The ribs? two pieces of bone with more sauce than meat burned onto them. What meat there was, was good though. Ham and cheese salad good. Jojo's? These are potato wedges fried like french fries. In fact they are just big french fries, but called Jojo's. They are nasty. They should get something else. Everytime I get a lunch snack, they are included. But they just suck. Time for a new brand or new something. Maybe a stuffed baked potato? Whatever. The dinner roll was perfectly fine in a generic way.

All in all, two and a half stars out of five. Cost? $4.99.

Hindsight? I shoulda bought a steak and cooked it after getting home.

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