Monday, September 05, 2005


August 31, 2005 Coleman, Texas - Memorial Day weekend of 2004, Dave McAnally shot a so-called "chupa" creature on his Elmendorf, Texas, property south of San Antonio. See 073104 Earthfiles. Five months later on October 8, 2004, Stacey Womack's brother shot a similar looking creature on their Pollok farm near Lufkin, Texas. See 101404 Earthfiles. Then in the first week of August 2005, a man in Coleman, Texas who requests anonymity, shot and killed another very similar-looking creature, but threw it in the trash. To date, no veterinarian has seen a fresh kill and no one knows exactly what the grey-skinned creature is that likes to kill and eat chickens.

Reginald Lagow took this photograph after his neighbor shot the animal dead
around August 16, 2005, and then threw the body in the trash. "The animal's hide felt like wool."

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