Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TIVO UNDER $100!!!!

This instant $100 promotional savings does not require buyers to fill out any additional paperwork or forms for rebates from TiVo, and is also available on all new boxes, including the Humax DVD recorder with TiVo that lets subscribers easily burn their favorite shows to DVD and take them on the road. The promotional price reduction will end on Aug. 20, 2005.

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices After Instant Savings:

40 hour TiVo Series2 $99
80 hour TiVo Series2 $199
140 Hour TiVo Series2 $249
Humax 40 hour DVD recorder with TiVo $299
Humax 80 hour DVD recorder with TiVo $399

In addition to the $100 instant savings, summer TV fans can also receive two months free service if they activate new units by July 31. The groundbreaking TiVo service which includes Online Scheduling so you can schedule recordings to your TiVo box from anywhere you can access the Internet and TiVoToGo(TM) which lets you take your favorite programming with you wherever you go, starts at just $12.95 per month.

TiVo Series2 boxes work with any TV setup including antenna, cable, digital cable and satellite, recording hours of entertainment without the hassles of videotape. TiVo boxes are available at participating retailers, including Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys, and CompUSA or shop online at Amazon or www.tivo.com. Actual retail prices are set by the individual retailers and not by TiVo.

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Reboots DaMachina said...

I also have a series 2 that I will sell for $50 plus shipping. Its used but it works fine. You'll still have to buy the subscription to make it work. I also have a Directv/Tivo Sony that has a non working modem. Not sure this is really needed, but I'll sell it too for $50 plus shipping.