Sunday, June 26, 2005

You need to drink more water!

There is a growing problem in our society that may be a bigger problem than we would suspect. We do not drink water – real water.

We have entered an age where infants and children do not have a taste for water. And the cause is doctors do not tell us how important water is – so mothers do not give infants water in a bottle.

They get plenty of milk and juice, but they never get water and they loose their taste for water. They have a sweet tooth from juice and actually cannot drink water.

So we don’t drink it. It is not put on the table with meals anymore, and we get desensitized to how important water is.

We all know that we should drink water. It is good for us. It is necessary for human, animal and plant life. We need about a half gallon of water a day to make our body work right; a cow will drink up to 50 gallons a day. Oh, we drink liquids all right, but they are soda pop, coffee, iced tea, more coffee, more pop, and that liquid in a tall brown bottle.

Do you want to grow up healthy kids? Do you want to feel really good yourself? Serve water with every meal. Drink water between meals.

The best trick is to drink three glasses of water before breakfast. Your body is screaming for water after a hard nights sleep.

But most important, encourage and teach your children from an early age to drink cool, clear water.

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