Sunday, July 04, 2004

Just say no to IWon and SmileyCentral and FunWebProducts

The rise and rise of scumware

My daughter asked me if she could download smileycentral today. I asked her to read me the fine print. (I've taught her about downloading.) She told me about how it sends a cookie, so I asked her to look at the privacy section and read that to me. She did and I shuddered. I got up to look myself and sure 'nuff this is fullblowned spyware and scumware. If you have smileycentral and tweenagers/teenagers, they you are likely infected and high time you install spybot search and destroy:

Soon, it may be time to ONLY use the internet as an email tool and as a replacement yellow pages. There is less and less uninfected content nowadays. Thinkaboutit...

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