Monday, May 03, 2004

Ahhhhh Hippie Hollow.....

Yahoo! News - Barge Capsizes Approaching Nude Beach Good fishing there too!

Barge Capsizes Approaching Nude Beach
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AUSTIN, Texas - A double-decker party barge capsized when dozens of passengers moved to one side of the boat as it approached Texas' only nude beach.

Sixty people on the boat were rescued Sunday from Lake Travis, including two with minor injuries, authorities said.

The accident happened during Splash Day, a semiannual event hosted at the clothing-optional area by the Austin Tavern Guild, a gay and lesbian bar association.

Witnesses said that all of the people aboard the barge moved to one side after it was tied up at Hippie Hollow, the only public nude beach in Texas, creating uneven distribution and making it tilt.

"As the captain was running upstairs to tell them to move away from the railing, it capsized," dumping its passengers into about 39 feet of water, Travis County sheriff's spokesman Roger Wade said.

Wade said it was unclear why the people all were on one side of the boat.

Krista Umscheid, a spokeswoman for the Lower Colorado River Authority, said everyone aboard was safe.

A naked body I am guessing...

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