Sunday, March 29, 2015

Whistleblowers wanted | Dr. William Davis

Whistleblowers wanted | Dr. William Davis


We know, for instance, that the Glia-alpha 9 sequence, absent from traditional wheat, can be found in virtually all modern wheat. This is likely the explanation underlying the four-fold increase in celiac disease over the past 50 years, since Glia-alpha 9 predictably triggers the immune reaction that leads to the intestinal destruction characteristic of celiac disease.

But modern wheat also stimulates appetite . . . not a little, but a lot. The introduction of modern high-yield, semi-dwarf wheat was accompanied by an abrupt increase in calorie consumption of 440 calories per day, 365 days per year. This is because modern gliadin in wheat is an opiate. But this opiate doesn’t cause a “high” like heroine; it causes appetite stimulation.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stream 7 Tablet!

Got the HP Stream 7 and the T800 keyboard and cover this week. There are a couple of things to know when unboxing. Go slow! I purchased two from Microsoft; the Signature edition. No crapware version.

I setup two in a row and missed something important on the first one. While answering the setup questions I did something or clicked to fast before setting up the wireless. Kind of a pain to figure it out AFTER the fact.

Another thing. When pairing the T800 keyboard to the Stream, make sure it is charged for at least a few minutes first before trying.

Also the pairing button on the keyboard is Fn + the key just to the left of the delete key. Yeah my eyes are old!

Anywho, enter that number from the keyboard and pairing is fairly fast.

Good luck with your HP Stream tablet!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Fix "Setup is Preparing Your Computer for First Use" on Every Reboot

Had another interesting one today. Customer says "it wont boot up." Ok no problem. Got the HP Pavillion desktop computer home and hooked up with VGA.

setup first use

Kept getting this and a Cannot install, please restart computer error.
Found the solution at
Simple and easy.

Method 1 – Registry Keys

The solution that worked for me involved checking the registry for a few keys and making sure the values were correct. Navigate to the following key in your registry:
Here you will see a few keys related to the system setup. The registry keys and their values should look like this:
“CmdLine”=”” (This field should be Blank )
Here is a screenshot on my computer of what the registry keys and their values should be. I have highlighted the important ones that cause this error:
Fix "Setup is Preparing Your Computer for First Use" on Every Reboot

Friday, December 26, 2014

Kim Dotcom single-handedly stopped the PSN and Xbox Live outages

Kim Dotcom is the founder of the now defunct file hosting service, Megaupload. While he is still awaiting trial for conspiracy to commit racketeering and criminal copyright infringement, he launched a new service called Mega. Mega is a cloud storage service that uses encryption to prevent intrusions from third parties.

Leveraging Mega, Kim Dotcom offered Lizard Squad an ultimatum: they would receive Pro1 annual Mega vouchers with 500GB of storage, but they had to leave Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network alone. As long as they committed to this agreement, the gifted Mega accounts would be converted to lifetime accounts. But, if they did not abide by this agreement, the accounts would be terminated.

Kim Dotcom single-handedly stopped the PSN and Xbox Live outages caused by Lizard Squad - Neowin

1,400 Free Ebooks and Movies For Your Kindle or iPad

1,400 Free Ebooks and Movies For Your Kindle or iPad

If you got a new ereader or tablet for Christmas—or if you have an old one that needs an infusion—Amazon and Apple would be happy to sell you ebooks and movies to fill it. Or you could just load up on these free goodies instead.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Microsoft Xbox One Console bundles

Microsoft Xbox One Console and Xbox Live 12-months Gold Card Bundle at

Am still looking for the best post XMAS deal on XBOX One! My perfect deal would include the Kinect and Master Chief Collection with 12 months of Xbox Live. Seen anything?

I found this at TigerDirect but nothing since.